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6 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Kids When It Rains

Rainy day got you and your kids down? Here are some fun ideas to make it a fun and great day.
Mia Morales Dec 19, 2019
As the rainy season strikes, it can be difficult to find fun things to do with your family that don’t involve getting soaked. There are plenty of interesting things you can do with your kids that will keep your family active and enjoying time together despite the poor weather outside.
Take a glance at the suggestions given here to figure out some kid-friendly shenanigans you can dive into.

Go to a Bowling Alley

Get your family to pile in the car to journey to a nearby bowling alley. You will have a blast playing a few rounds together while embracing the spirit of competition. Many bowling alleys offer arcades that provide plenty of fun for kids and adults of all ages as well.
If you want to mix things up a bit, head to the bowling alley later at night for a cosmic bowling session. The places that offer cosmic bowling typically use glow-in-the-dark features to bring the bowling pins, balls and lanes to life. Many cosmic bowling experiences are accompanied with upbeat music and disco balls to help set the tone.
Make sure you get a kids rain jacket or two to keep your children warm and dry when it comes to journeying to and from the bowling alley.

Have a Family Movie Night

Settle in for a cozy family night in front of the television. Get your children to help you pick out a slew of movies that fit a theme you select for the night whether that involves holiday films, comedy flicks or family-friendly action. To set the tone, gather a collection of theater snacks to munch on while watching the movies you selected.
Have an array of variety popcorn, popcorn seasoning, pretzels and drinks readily available. To make sure your family room looks the part, get movie theater popcorn bags and set up a mock concession stand where your kids can acquire their snacks and drinks. Turn down as many lights as possible when each movie starts to get the full cinematic experience.

Play Charades

Set up a game of charades to embrace theatrical creativity together. You can use a randomized game word generator to help pick what words will be available for selection. There are many online word generators in addition to mobile apps that you can use for this purpose.
You may also want to select a certain theme with your family to help narrow down what sorts of words or phrases will be acted out, such as movies, animals, fairy tales and food. Make sure you write out more than enough words or phrases then you need in case someone selects an option that they are unfamiliar with.

Bake Treats Together

Get your chef hats out for a night filled with good smells and tasty snacks. Enlist the aid of your family to bake up some simple treats. You can also wrap up some of the goodies you bake and give them to friends and family to help bring holiday cheer.

Play a Board Game

Pull out some board games for traditional family fun. You can select familiar roll and move games such as Monopoly and Candy Land. Scrabble, Sorry, Checkers and Twister are also great options.

Make Salt Dough Ornaments

If you’re feeling creative, you can make ornaments and keepsakes that your family will treasure. Salt dough ornaments are quick and easy to make, often requiring ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Your kids can use cookie cutters to cut the dough into fun shapes and also make handprints that can be kept for later display.
Decorate the ornaments with paint and glitter to fancy things up. Make sure you seal the salt dough with an appropriate finish so that you will be able to enjoy your family’s creations for years to come.
With the ideas listed here, you can keep having fun with your family no matter how rainy it gets outside.