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6 Tips on How You Can Save Time While Shopping

Say goodbye to the pains of shopping and why not save some time for family with just a few easy tips!
Mikkie Mills Oct 18, 2019
Shopping can take up a lot of time. Fortunately, if you go about doing things the right way you can save a lot of time. Here are some things that can help save time while shopping.

Shop Online

Shopping Online can be one of the most time-saving things that you can ever do. The great thing about shopping online is the fact that you don't have to spend time commuting anywhere - you can just sit at home on your computer. When you shop online, you don't even have to stay at home.
You can be anywhere, as long as you have internet access. So, you can be doing any type of work or activity while shopping on the internet. The ability to be wherever you want to be while shopping allows you to use your time more economically.
There are plenty of opportunities to order items from local stores online and have them shipped quickly to your home in a matter of hours. Many stores go through middleman companies and services when it comes to delivering goods to shoppers.
For example, if you use Instacart, the items that you shop for are not going to come from the Instacart headquarters - they are going to come from the stores that use Instacart.

Make a List

Making lists is the simplest, yet most important thing to do when it comes to shopping. This is because we sometimes forget what to buy. You don't want to walk out of a store and go home, only to realize that you forgot to purchase important items.
Having to go back to a store because of forgetting things wastes time. Make lists before shopping so that you don't buy things that you don't really want or need.
It is also important to make lists so that you can quickly get what you need without taking extra time to think about what you are going to get. Without a clear, concise list of items, you may end up wandering around a store and being there for more time than you should have been.

Do Research Beforehand

Do research before your even go shopping. Know exactly what you want to get, and what qualities you want from each product. For example, if you are shopping for toiletries and you want a bottle of shampoo that is free of questionable chemicals, don't wait until you're in the store to do research on your phone.
If you are trying to learn how to cook and you are trying to buy ingredients for a new meal that you want to cook, choose a recipe and list of ingredients long before you go to the store. Don't spend an hour in the store finding a recipe on your phone.

Know Your Routes

A great way to save time while shopping is to know the layout of the store and what route you are going to take. You can waste a surprising amount of time wandering around a store if you do not know where things are. Plan out your route prior to entering the store so that there is no confusion, forgetfulness or indecisiveness.

Ask for Help

Asking for help from store associates is a great way to cut down on time. If you do not know where an item is, you can ask a store associate where it is. Otherwise, you could take a needlessly long time looking for something that you could have found in a few seconds or a few minutes.
Store associates are there to help you save time. Also, if a product is too high to reach within a few seconds a store associate can help grab it for you in a reasonable amount of time. An item could have a feature that makes it hard to look at, try on or open.
For example, a dress might have a button or a zipper in a weird place that makes it hard to try on. If something like this happens, you can just ask for the help of a person who works for the store.

Avoid Busy Hours

If you choose the busiest hours, you may find yourself in a store packed with people. If a store is packed full of people, it will take more time to get around. You may also find that the store is out of a lot of products.
Going during off-hours will keep you from having to deal with being gridlocked in a store with other shoppers and not being able to move fast enough.
In conclusion, if you want to save time while shopping you should choose the right hours to go to a store, shop online, ask for help from sales associates, know the layout of the store and what route you are going to take, do research about the items that you are going to buy and make a list.