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6 Ways to Help Your High School Freshman

Amanda Sparks Aug 30, 2019
Watching your kids grow is such a rewarding feeling, but one of the hardest parts is accepting that there will be a time when your children won’t need you to hold their hands anymore.
Most parents struggle the most with their young freshmen, watching them living their confused lives and not knowing how to approach them. Here are some useful tips that will show your child that they still need their parents in their teen years.

Support Their Independence

It might be hard to admit but holding kids too close will only push them away from you. This is the time when they are trying to understand who they are and what they want. If you keep imposing yourself they won’t have any space to grow.

Help Them with School Work

In the first year of high school, besides meeting new friends, teenagers face new subjects and new teachers. It might seem intimidating at first, and that is the moment to help them. Don’t be intrusive, just show you are there for them.
If you find them struggling with math, offer a good tutor. For those who have trouble with writing, you can always search for best paper writing sites and editing services. By this approach, you will provide them right tools to study and still give enough freedom.

Encourage Extracurricular Activities

This may seem like a predictive thing to say, but no one can undermine the importance of joining clubs or teams. If your children are not sure what their interests are, that is not a problem. Encourage them to try something new. This is a great time to explore new paths.

Promote Time Management

Balancing school, friends, family, hobbies, and even a part-time job, can be overwhelming for a freshman. The workload will increase and a quickened pace of learning can be too hard to keep up. Advise your child on how to manage their time and not use procrastination.
Here are some of the ways in which you can help them with their time management:
  • Give them a calendar to keep track of the important dates
  • Buy them a planner
  • Advise them to keep a list of upcoming tests and exams
  • Help them to organize their out-of-school activities

Balance Between Friends and School

Yes, friends are an important part of teenagers’ lives, and, they would go to the mall and attend freshman parties than study, but you need to draw the line somewhere. The start of high school is a scary and important chapter for every child and having the need to blend in can make them not to think rationally and to make some critical mistakes.
Partying every weekend and staying out until 3 a.m. is not good for a freshman to start his high school. It is fine to attend parties, but there should be some limitations so you to keep them safe. There is no reason why they couldn’t spend time with their friends and not neglect their school obligations.

Be There When They Need You

It seems teenage years are hardest for parents, but they don’t have to be. Having a few tricks can help you and your child. It can be part of their lives where you can step in and help them to manage their lives successfully. They will thank you later for sure.