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Activities for Stranger Safety for Preschoolers

Kashmira Lad Mar 14, 2020
The innocence of children makes them vulnerable to many hazardous situations. Read on to know about some interesting activities for preschoolers to make them aware of safety from strangers.
Children are naive and as a result, are vulnerable to many situations which may cause them harm in various ways. Preschoolers in particular are at an age when they are learning to interact with people, but are unable to differentiate between good and bad that exists in the society.
This is the time when teachers, as well as parents, should think about activities to make them aware about threats from strangers. This would help the child to know many safety related issues. After all, your child's safety is the prime concern. Take a look at these activities to prevent a child from interacting with strangers with wrong intentions.

Preschool Activities for Stranger Safety

  • You must make it a point to avoid making the child feel scared about every stranger. Therefore, you would need to incorporate activities that help a child differentiate between the various kinds of people they meet. You can have little plays that involve all the children. There can be a scene where the children are waiting to be picked up while at school. 
Another person can pretend to be a stranger. As a teacher, you can illustrate the ways a stranger can approach a child. For example, the 'stranger' in this case can say that he/she was asked to pick up the child by the parents. The child can then be given a secret question and if the stranger answers incorrectly, the child can then know the person is lying.
  • Teach the preschooler to memorize their home phone number and address, and even identify local streets. This can be turned into a fun activity where in the child can be made to memorize the address through a poem or a rhyme.
  • Conduct many group activities held against the backdrop of different situations. This will help a preschooler realize the difference between ordinary strangers and people who approach children with a wrong intention.
  • Have interactive sessions where the kids can be asked specific questions. This will also help you to know how a child will react to different situations. Talk to the child and help him/her answer correctly as per the situation in question.
By holding these kinds of activities, a preschooler can effectively pick up various ways to handle strangers. Thus, in any given situation, these stranger safety measures would surely help in protecting your child.