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African-American Baby Boy Names

Sourabh Gupta
Trying to choose a name for a black baby boy? Here's some help. Check out the list of black baby names, with their meanings, for you to choose from.
Naming a baby, newborn or adopted, is a major event for parents. The name becomes the identity of a person for a lifetime. Hence, it becomes very important for parents to find a suitable one for their child. Many parents look for unique, uncommon options, with traditional meanings.
Some prefer short, sweet, and modern ones, irrespective of whether they mean anything or not. If you are on the lookout for a name for your adorable baby boy or toddler, here are some typical, traditional, meaningful black baby names for boys, which you may like to consider.
Blake: This name is sometimes used for girls too. It is pronounced as blayk. The word is of Old English origin and means black. It is commonly used as a surname or nickname, and indicates a person with very dark hair or skin.
Benjamin: The word is of Hebrew origin which means son of my right hand, son of the south, or son of my old age. In Hebrew, the south is thought of as the right-hand side of a person facing east. It is a biblical name. Some variants of the name are Benji, Benyamin, Ben, and Benny.
Ciaran: When used for girls, the name becomes Ciara, which means black. The word is derived from ciar, and is of Irish origin. It is pronounced as kee-a-rawn. Some variants of the name are Kieran, Cyran, and Cyrano.
Darius: This name of Medo-Persian and Greek origins means rich or kingly. It is a beautiful, popular African-American name, and is pronounced as dare-ee-us. Some related names are Darion, Jarius, Derry, and Dario.
Denzel: Being of African-American origin, it means wild. It is pronounced as den-zul. Some similar words are Denzil and Denzell.
Luther: Pronounced as loo-ther, this word is of Old German origin which means soldier of the people. Nowadays, the name is often used as a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. Some versions of the same are Lothair, Lothar, and Louther.
Malcolm: This is a Scottish name, and means disciple of Saint Columbia. In Arabic, it stands for a dove. It is pronounced as mal-com.
Morgan: Pronounced as mor-gan, it is also used as a girl's name. It is of Welsh origin, and means circling sea, and great brightness. Morcant is the original word from which Morgan is derived: mor meaning sea, and cant meaning edge or circle. Other names from the same are Morgen, Morgaine, and Marcin.
Prince: As per African-American origin, it means son of royalty. It is pronounced as p-rin-ce. This name usually referred to people related to the royal family. Ironically, the name, later, was also used by the black slaves from Africa in the 19th century.
Samuel: This is a German word of Hebrew origin, which means God has heard, asked of God, or God's heart. It is a biblical and traditional Jewish name. Samuela is the female form of Samuel in Italian. Some other versions are Sammy, Sam, Shmuel, and Samoyla.
Shaquille: Pronounced as sha-keel, this name is of Arabic origin, and means handsome. Its Arabic variant is Shakil. This name is popular among the African-American people.
Some more common but popular names for black baby boys are Clinton, Cole, Danube, Dominique, Douglas, Duane, Nigel, Dwayne, and Xavier. The list is endless; there are thousands of unique options, but it's up to you to choose the perfect name for your child. The names mentioned above have a rich history of origin as well.