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10 Amazing Perks of Being an Aunt or Uncle

Anuj Mudaliar Mar 4, 2020
Aunts and uncles do not have days dedicated to them, like mothers and fathers. However, for their nieces and nephews, they usually are like a second parent, and sometimes even an older friend. While the role is one of responsibility, the perks are great and numerous.
Being an aunt or uncle means that your responsibilities are not as much as the parents, and you get to do the fun jobs like playing with them, or feeding with the baby bottle.
But when it comes to dealing with dirty diapers, tantrums, and staying up at night with a crying baby, the little bundle of joy goes right back to its parents.
As one becomes an adult, life becomes quite serious, and opportunities for fun seem scarce. However, being an aunt/uncle, you can easily forget your worries while you play with your nieces and nephews.
Sometimes, you know that you are enjoying the games and movies much more than the children, and no one ever thinks of telling you to act your age, at times like these. It also means that you are seen by the kids as the adult who is cool and fun.
When you are an aunt or uncle, you get to hear stuff that your nieces and nephews would not share with their parents or friends.
The fears and anxieties that are too awkward for them, make them come to you, as they trust you to keep their secrets better than anyone. Another reason for this is that, as an uncle/aunt, you don't have the responsibility to reprimand or pressure the child for their behavior, making you the good guy in their eyes.
In an adult world, direct speech seems to have disappeared almost completely.
After going through a maze where everyone is beating around the bush, it is refreshing listen to your niece/nephew tell you exactly what they think and what they want. You can ask them for their opinion on anything you are concerned about, and they will always be completely honest and straightforward.
If you are a parent, you are flooded with all kinds of art that your child produces, regardless of how good or badly done, and it is a source of pride.
However, when it comes to aunts and uncles, children carefully go through their collections, and give only their best works. This results in a really great collection of birthday cards and drawings, filled with skill and emotional value, all for free.
Although few would admit, almost everyone likes to dress up in a superhero costume and go to a kid's birthday party, where you can eat tons of ice cream, cake, and other goodies, play loads of games, and be entertained.
The best part is that, because you're a guest, you are not obliged to do the cleaning up after the party.
Kids are usually extremely inquisitive and fearless, which leads them to say and do things that can be very weird.
While their antics can be embarrassing or concerning to parents, the same things are very funny to an uncle or aunt. They make for some truly memorable moments, which you will laugh about for a long time to come.
With every game or outing that you take them on, you become the cool aunt/uncle for the kids to idolize.
A total contrast from the boring parents who are always about enforcing the rules. The kids look forward to every visit of yours, and will proudly brag about your exploits if any, to anyone who will hear.
As an aunt or uncle, you often get the opportunity to babysit the kids, and the parents are also pretty grateful to get some personal time for themselves.
You can have all the fun in world at this time, but if any minor mishap occurs, you can always blame it on the kid. It's all in good spirit, and you get to behave a little childish at the same time, bringing smiles all around.
As an aunt or uncle, you get to see the children grow in a way that is unique to you.
As each year passes, you see them evolve from one stage to the next, all the while adopting some of your traits. This transition can seem so magical, that your chest will swell with pride of its own accord.