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Amazing Rustic Baby Shower Ideas

Jhulin Bihari Feb 26, 2020
Someone has quite aptly said that a baby is a bit of stardust blown from the hand of God. The welcoming of a newborn with a baby shower is a wonderful way to tell all your kith and kin that a new member is on the way!
A baby shower is a fascinating and memorable event for a mother-to-be. So, if you plan to surprise the to-be-mother, opt for a country-themed baby shower. The rustic theme reflects simplicity and elegance at its best. With just brown and white shades, you can rock the entire decoration. I am sure you can startle your guests with this rustic-themed baby shower idea.

Did You Know?

The trend of hosting a baby shower started after the Second World War. The main purpose of a baby shower back then was to "shower" the mother with blessings and gifts, and this was done from a economic point of view too, whereby giving presents to the mother-to-be helped in reducing the financial strain of raising an infant.

Charming Wood Themed Party

Try organizing the party outdoors, in a park or garden, or even the backyard. Ensure the decor is in shades of brown and white. Stick to wooden and earthen elements.
Invitations could be made of brown paper with white highlights. Decorate them with lace and sparkles of different shades of brown.

Pick Wooden and Earthen toys

Decorate the site with wooden toys or those made of earth or clay, like earthen elephants and a rocker pony. You may also include painted cutouts of various animals or have small footprints of cubs.
You can even place a wooden tub filled with water and float a few yellow rubber ducks in them. If held indoors, you can also place artificial plants or climbers to lend a rustic, natural look to the decor.

Hoarding and Boards

For a country-themed baby shower, use brown colored or wooden plates for serving. Also hang ply boards with quotes and writings engraved or painted on them that welcome the baby.
You can also use dried leaves painted in various colors and write welcoming messages or baby shower quotes on them. Use serving trays made of blackboard where you can write the menu in chalk.

Wooden Flower Baskets

Make baskets with twigs and branches and add lots of wild flowers to it. Use vibrant colored flowers in shades of pink, lilac, and orange. You can even arrange brown colored floral patterned flowers and hang them along with triangular crepe banners.

Use Rustic Themed Sheets

Use ample of white and brown sheets to cover chairs and tables. You can also fold and arrange them to give a designer look to your table.

Use Logs as Chairs and Stands

Use logs as stands to place fruit trays and flower baskets. You can place the baby shower cake on one of them. You can even use them as substitutes for chairs.

Fill Bowls with Candies and Chocolates

Fill large jars and bowls with different colored and shaped candies and chocolates. Children attending the shower will have great fun feasting on those candies. You can even hang a banner with a quote like "Born To Be Wild".

Use Wooden Crockery

Preferably use wooden plates and spoons, else add a touch of wood to your cutlery by painting them in shades of brown.

Make use of Cans and Earthy Containers

Use empty cans and containers to hold banners and hoardings. This will add to the rustic touch of the baby shower.

Use Large Jars

Decorate the jars of orange juice or lemonade by adding a white lace to the rim of the jars or by gluing paper flowers on them.

Rustic Food

Use plum cakes and muffins with brown and white cream. Bake cupcakes in the shape of mushrooms and highlight them with edible red color and cherry toppings. Use cookies with lots of chocolate chips and cream-filled centers.

Use Lots of Fruits

Serve fruits like grapes, strawberries, apricots, plums, blueberries, mulberries, and raspberries. Cut these fruits and arrange them beautifully on side tables in wooden boxes. Stick toothpicks in the sliced fruits to make them easy fingerfood options.

Rustic Themed Cake

Use cakes with layers of chocolate and vanilla cream. The cake should be colored white and brown with lots of chocolate chips and cream cheese. Add a cute baby figure showpiece of any animal on top of the cake.

Decorate The Cradle

You can decorate the cradle with flowers of different colors or white-brown streamers, and then you can wrap these around the cradle. Tit-bits of fabric can be used to write " welcome our little member". You can hang this banner from the cradle.

Rustic Themed Games

As party games, you can play some nursery rhymes and ask the guests to guess the nursery rhyme. The ever-popular musical chairs can also be played on baby songs.

Use of Animal Mascots

Use Disney characters as animal mascots, like Tigger, Piglet, Bunny, and Pooh . Make it entertaining for the mother-to-be, by asking her to dance with the mascot. Another option is to play match the following, where you can match the animals with their respective young ones.

Return Gifts

You can give your guests cute and adorable animal-shaped scented candles or animal-shaped salt-and-pepper shakers. These gifts will be definitely appreciated by your guests.