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Awesome Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas

Neha B Deshpande
For terrestrials like us, the world under the sea is intriguing. It's home to many different life forms. This variety and their beauty is so enchanting, that all of us feel like bringing a little bit of it home. Use the brilliant blue, the serene green, the corals, seashells, and the sea, to host an under-the-sea baby shower for the mom-to-be.
You can improvise on the 'Under the Sea' theme by basing the party on an animated character like Nemo, the Little Mermaid or the Toby Turtle.
An 'Under the Sea' theme for a baby shower is a unique way to express the would-be-mother's love for the waters, which is to say you could use this theme for someone who would like it. Hosting a baby shower party gives you the opportunity to pamper the mother-to-be. Here we give you tips and ideas to plan it, using the under-the-sea theme.
What goes perfectly well with this theme, is a combination of sea elements; mainly marine life forms and the colors green and blue. And not just this. You could use the many interesting shapes of marine animals in the party food, favors, and gifts.
For example, shell-shaped cookies, or a cake in the shape of a starfish, characters of fish and other sea animals for the decorations, and so on.


Invitations form the most important part of a party and require special attention. A baby shower invitation should portray oodles of cuteness and the very look of it should make your guests go 'Awww'.
► You could use interesting elements such as a baby scuba diver or snorkeler under the sea. This could be used especially if the mother-to-be particularly loves the sea or enjoys water sports.
► You could simply depict Mama Fish and Papa fish, bubbling up to greet their bundle of joy. Or you could use other cute sea creatures if you like.

Decoration Ideas

► You've a wide range of options to select from. Choose shells, pearls, corals, or starfish. Or make use of fishing nets or water sports gear.
► Make use of cutlery that has designs of fish or anything depicting marine life. Candles or sea-themed centerpieces could be used for the table decorations. Use blue and green napkins and linen to add to the decor.
► Chandeliers in the shape of jellyfish, or blue-colored balloons could be used to decorate the venue. Or you could transform the party venue into a wonderland under the sea.
► Include marine-themed welcome boards in the outdoor decoration.
► Make the mom-to-be feel special by highlighting her name. Decorate the welcome board using sea-inspired elements.

Gifts for the Mother

► Gift her jewelry with nautical symbols. Or gift her elegant pearls.
► Gift baby clothes with sea animals printed on them or toys that are shaped like sea critters.
► You could inscribe wishes for the mother and the baby on plates and gift her a set of these.
► Gifting baby books is also a good idea.


► What's synonymous with the sea theme is sea food. Add it to the party menu; that if the mother likes it. Keeping the color blue in mind, you could serve blue-colored drinks.
► Choose a sea-inspired cake or cupcakes with cute ocean creatures as the icing or cake decorations.
► Include cookies in the shapes of fish and shells.


► Choose blue-colored jars and bottles as favors. Or choose underwater candles. You may also include fish-shaped candy.
► Shell necklaces and bracelets, or blue or green-colored mini handbags or purses are among the other options.
Additionally, you could ask the guests to use the under-the-sea theme as the dress code, or to come dressed as their favorite under-the-sea character. Simpler yet, would be to have a blue or green color as the dress code for the party.
Ideas like these when put together creatively, promise a party that everyone would surely enjoy. So draw inspiration from the ideas given here, and plan an amazing under the sea baby shower party.