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IDEAS to Preserve Memories with Baby Books

Mayuri Kulkarni
Baby books have always been popular, but making them a little differently can be fun. So if you wish to make one for your darling, here's a post that can be of some help...
Documenting your baby's firsts can be fun for the parents. As kids grow older, it is fun for them to see what their first word was, or what they wore home from the hospital. Preparing a baby book is a wonderful way to cherish the beautiful memories of early motherhood. Moreover, when your child grows up, he/she will definitely love the baby book made by you.
Traditional ones are great, and can be really easy to make. Initially, preparing a baby book may seem to be a daunting task if you are going to prepare a scrapbook for the first time. You can buy one you like and fill out the important details it asks for. However, if you're looking to do something a little bit more memorable, try some of these ideas.


As the name suggests, a baby book will obviously contain photographs of your sweetheart. Depending on how you want the layout to be, you can either purchase a ready-made book or make one yourself. Ready-made books are quite easy to handle since all you need to do is glue the photographs on different pages.
Before you actually start preparing the book, chalk out a format. Jot down different layout ideas as they come to your mind. The book must be organized so that you can view the gradual growth of your baby through these photographs. But before you sit down to prepare the memory book, why don't we see what our options are.
While preparing the baby book, you will require essential supplies like scissors, glue, and marker pens to write mementos. Your book can contain any and all photographs that you think are important in your baby's life. For example, you can mention the weight, height, and hair color of the baby at the time of the birth.
Use sweet scrapbooking quotes or poems to write down next to the photographs; the point is to be as creative as you can. Your child will cherish your thoughts and words as they look at the book later on in life. Remember to use paper protectors. You wouldn't want your scrapbook ruined by dirty little hands.

Baby Shower Book

It is not necessary that a baby book should contain only the moments after the baby's birth.
You can also store memories, before the arrival of the baby. Photos of a baby shower can certainly be a nice way to portray the celebration that took place before the arrival of the baby. Take the baby shower invitation card and stick it on the first page of the baby book, or you may even use it as the cover page.
Click photographs of the baby shower favors, the food cooked for baby shower, the baby shower cake and all the elements of the baby shower. You can also attach photographs of the ultrasound, doctor appointment cards or photos of your enlarged tummy.


A scrapbook is a great way to keep track of everything you want to hold on to, from your baby's first year.
You can keep clippings of hair from baby's first haircut, and take pictures at every event to include in the book. Create a scrapbook page for every month or every major milestone and include all of these pictures and artifacts. Don't forget to write a little bit, too.
Click lots of photographs of the baby and choose some of the best ones to use for the baby book. Take pictures of the baby with family and friends and try to capture maximum moments of his/her childhood. Take photographs of the baby while sleeping, playing with its toys, trying to eat the food, etc.

Photo Cluster

Photo clusters on the walls are great ways to showcase your baby's growth, and everyone can see them. They are also really simple to create.
Just go to your local store and find a bunch of frames in different sizes. Create and cut out photo-sized papers that denote significant ages or milestones. Choose a wall in your home and hang the frames on the wall in an interesting pattern.
Then, when these things happen, take pictures and replace your paper with the picture of the event. Every time people come over to your house, they will be able to see which events have happened and which are yet to come.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes combine scrapbooking and photo clusters to create three-dimensional works of art of your baby's artifacts. Shadow boxes are framed, glass cases in which you can put whatever you want.
You can create a new shadow box for each month of your baby's life, or you can update one with new material. They can be hung on the wall or placed on a bookshelf or cabinet. The great thing about them is that you don't have to use pictures at all; you can just use important artifacts if you want, and the box will keep everything protected and dust-free.

Accordion Fold Book

Take a long piece of paper and fold it accordion style and you can create a timeline of baby's first moments. Every time you take a picture, put it on one of the pages and note the date and time and what was happening during the picture. When you're done with the timeline, fold it and keep it somewhere safe. You can add a tough cover or tie it with a ribbon.

For Older Kids

Don't stop keeping track of your child's milestones as they get older. The first year of life is important, but kids grow and change so much as they grow up, too.
A great idea to show just how much they change from year to year is to get a book of clear paper protectors and some scrapbook paper. On the left side, put a picture of your child on his or her birthday. On the right side, put a list of questions they have to answer. Every year, ask them to answer the same questions and see how much the answers change.
As mentioned earlier, be sure to organize and collect all the necessary items before you begin making the book. These baby book ideas give you something to think about and will help you capture your child's life. So use these or come up with a more creative idea of your own. Good Luck!