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Baby Names for Twins

Parashar Joshi
Expecting twins? That's great news! How about selecting two special names for your pair of newborns? Read on for an interesting list of baby names for twins.
It's confirmed: you're gonna be a mommy of not one, but two! There are many ways of selecting names for twin babies. Some prefer those starting with the same alphabet, while some prefer rhyming ones. A few opt for those having similar meanings. Here are some baby name ideas for your darling duo.

For Twin Boys

The theme or reason behind grouping the two names together has been mentioned in brackets.
  • Jack and Jacob (same letter)
  • Adrian and Andrew (same letter)
  • Mark and Mitchell (same letter)
  • Keenan and Kyle (same letter)
  • Ryan and Bryan (rhyming)
  • Will and Bill (rhyming)
  • Jaden and Hayden (rhyming)
  • Brian and Carl (similar name meaning)
  • Orlando and Rodrigo (similar meaning)
  • Shawn and John (rhyming)
  • Jacob and Joseph (popularity)
  • Felix and Asher (similar meaning)
  • Dylan and Daniel (popularity)
  • Tyler and Taylor (popularity)
  • Mark and Michael (same letter)
  • Justin and Jason (same letter)
  • Steve and Stuart (same letter)
  • Michael and Damien(popularity)
  • Bob and Bryan (same letter)
  • Heath and Harold (same letter)
  • Mark and Matthew (popularity)
  • Martin and Nelson (great politicians)
  • Frank and Joe (remember the Hardy Boys?)
  • Pete and Andre (American tennis greats)
  • Rivaldo and Ronaldo (Brazilian football greats)
  • Chandler and Joey (characters from sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S)
  • Bruce and Nolan (movie characters played by Jim Carrey)
  • George and Jerry (television sitcom characters)

For Twin Girls

If you've had two beautiful girls, you'd surely want their names to be as special as they are. The following is a list of popular and interesting baby girl names for twins.
  • Aurelia and Flavia (similar name meaning)
  • Leila and Layla (same letter)
  • Alice and Freya (similar meaning)
  • Clarissa and Leanora (similar meaning)
  • Martina and Monica (tennis greats)
  • Venus and Victoria (same letter)
  • Julie and Jessica (same letter)
  • Amy and May (anagram)
  • Grace and Angela (popularity)
  • Kim and Katrina (same letter)
  • Anna and Emma (popularity)
  • Gabriella and Isabella (popularity)
  • Alicia and Maria (famous singers)
  • Lauren and Lindsay (same letter)
  • Carol and Claire(same letter)
  • Grace and Emily (popularity)
  • Britney and Christina (famous singers)
  • Nelly and Natalie (famous singers)
  • Tessa and Vanessa (rhyming)
  • Sophia and Olivia (popularity)
  • Hannah and Sarah (popularity)
  • Fiona and Felicity (same letter)
  • Annie and Alison (same letter)
  • Ashley and Elysha (anagram)
  • Nadia and Natasha (same letter)
  • Betty and Veronica (comic book characters)
  • Paris and Sydney (famous places)
  • Rachel and Monica (characters from sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

For Mixed Twins (Boy and Girl)

If yours is a pair of mixed twins, you could have a look at some of the following:
  • Kevin and Kara (same letter)
  • Alexander and Cleopatra (historical names)
  • John and Genelia (popularity)
  • Kevin and Cathy (popularity)
  • Jennifer and Benjamin (rhyme as Jen and Ben)
  • Nolan and Nicole (same letter)
  • Ethan and Emma (same letter)
  • Jesse and Julia (same letter)
  • Mark and Michelle (same letter)
  • Aston and Alicia (same letter)
  • Eve and Steve (rhyming)
  • Ross and Rachel (same letter)
  • Hector and Hannah (same letter)
  • Samuel and Sophia (same letter)
This was just a short list for your duo, which was meant to give you an idea of the different combinations or themes that you can take into consideration while coming up with baby names. Using your creativity, you can surely come up with a couple of really beautiful names for your twin angels.