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Baby Shower Activities

Dhanya Joy Mar 16, 2020
Games add a fun element to any kind of celebration. Use the ideas given in the following story to plan a fun-filled baby shower.
A baby shower is a fun way to celebrate the imminent arrival of a new member to the family, and to congratulate and share the happiness of the mother-to-be. It can be a get-together of friends, family, colleagues, and church-groups.
Planning a baby shower systematically will include making all the arrangements, right from the venue and the guest list to the food arrangements and decorations.
To make the baby shower interesting, enjoyable, and one that everyone would remember, it is essential to include some unique and interesting activities in the party. These activities should ensure the participation of all the guests.
Here are some examples of such activities that you can add while hosting the baby shower.

Keepsake Making

This is a fun and easy activity to indulge the guests in, and will require some amount of planning beforehand. Purchase 50 to 100 plain white baby t-shirts, colored markers, fabric paints, cartoon stamps, and glitter, and hand them over to the guests as they arrive.
Ask them to personalize each t-shirt with a message for the baby or some artwork. Put these up in a line on a clothesline and preserve them as a keepsake for the child.

Make a Wish

For this activity, you will need some candles and colored papers. Give the guests the colored papers and ask them to write down a wish on behalf of the baby or a prayer or a blessing, and personalize it. Wrap this paper around a candle, place it in a box, and hand it over to the mother-to-be at the end of the party.

The Time That Was

While sending out invites for the baby shower, mention in the cards that the guests should bring along with them, something that would tell the baby about the world that was before he was born. It should be something meaningful and significant, maybe a picture from a newspaper or a magazine.
Once the guests arrive and settle, seat them in a circle, and ask them to hand it out to the mother-to-be, explaining its importance and significance. She can then compile them into an album or make a collage for the baby to go through when he grows up.

Beads for the Baby

Ask the guests to get some colorful beads when they come for the party. Gather all the guests at one place once everyone has arrived and ask them to hold out the beads.
Then one-by one, each guest will make a wish or a prayer for the baby and the mother-to-be, and place it on a table. At the end, the mother-to-be will attach the beads to a string and wear it around her neck or arm. This will symbolize that the love and best wishes of the guests are always with the mom-to-be and the baby.

Few Minutes to Fame

This great baby shower idea will require a camcorder or video camera. The host will go around interviewing all the guests in the party, asking them how they are related to the mother, guessing the sex of the baby (if unknown), why the mother-to-be would make a good mother, and a sweet message for the baby.
Share this fun compilation with all the guests at the end of the party.
You can also include some fun games based on the theme of the baby shower. Make sure that all the guests are comfortable while participating in the activities and plan them according to the location of the venue.