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Decoration Ideas for Your Baby Shower Cake

Madhura Pandit
Baby shower is an old tradition of celebrating the arrival of the expected or a newborn baby. As cakes form an integral part of celebrations, you must be looking for cake decorating ideas. Here are some interesting baby shower cake ideas and pictures.
Baby shower is a wonderful occasion for friends and family to participate in the happiness of the 'new' mother. Baby showers are usually planned by close friends or relatives of the parents-to-be.
If you are planning to have a baby shower party for your friend, you would definitely want it to make it different and memorable. If you have decided to bake a cake yourself, here are some ideas that will be helpful.

Ideas for Decorating a Baby Shower Cake

The traditional chocolate cake, sponge cake, carrot cake, or the pineapple upside down cake are usually favored for a baby shower. But, you can always be originative, and bake and decorate a cake in creative ways.
The belly cake, i.e. the shape of the cake like a pregnant belly, is preferred these days for a baby shower. They are perfect for the occasion. You can make this type of cake using a round cake and some sugar icing.
You can bake a large square or round cake, cut it into unique and fancy designs. Baby shower cakes in the shape of baby products, animals, numbers or alphabets blocks are popular. These types of cakes require colorful icing, fondant and icing pen.
If you are planning a baby shower party, decide a theme and decorate the cake according to the theme. Cartoon-themed parties and cakes are usually made for baby showers held after the baby is born.
Design the cake with patterns of babies, sleeping babies, baby clothes and shoes, baby pacifier, etc.
Another idea is to make a butterfly cake using two heart-shaped cakes and 3-4 cupcakes. Use the cupcakes to make the body of the butterfly, and the heart-shaped cakes for wings. Jellies, icing, M&M, etc., can be used for decoration.
Ready-made sugar toppers can be used for cake decoration. You can top your iced cake with toppers like teddy bears, toys, angels, ducks, etc.
A stork carrying a baby, is favored and used widely. Rather than baking a large cake, you can make cupcakes and decorate them individually. Cupcakes are easy to serve, and can be eaten as finger foods.
You can decorate cupcakes with toppers, with fondant, icing, sugar-coated crafts, jellies, chocolates, M&M, jimmies, sprinkles, etc.
Now, if you don't have much time in hand, you can still make a unique cake using the following method. Bake a simple square, round or heart-shaped cake; and write names of the new parents-to-be or the baby. You can even write messages or quotes appropriate to the occasion. This is one of the best ways to personalize a cake.

Diaper Cake

How to Make a Diaper Cake
The previously mentioned ideas are for homemade, edible baby shower cakes. Now, in many places, baby shower cake is synonymous with diaper cake. It is inedible and called a 'cake' due to its shape and structure. Here are the instructions for making a diaper cake.
  • You need to roll disposable diapers and fix them with a rubber band so that they do not unroll.
  • You can keep a single rolled diaper, or a baby bottle, or shampoo, as a center, and arrange the rolled diapers around it. Fix the entire layer with a rubber band.
  • You can use decorative ribbon to cover the rubber bands.
  • This way, create 2-3 layers to make a tiered cake.
  • Use a circular cardboard as a base for the cake. Arrange the diaper layer on the cardboard base (largest at the base, and smallest at the top).
  • You can cover the entire cake with decorative ribbon. This will help to keep the tiers at place.
  • Lastly, top the 'cake' with useful baby products or tiny toys.
This is a fancy and useful cake. As the baby shower is all about giving gifts, making this cake will be useful as it contains all the things required after the baby is born.

Halloween-themed Baby Shower Cakes

A cake is usually the centerpiece of a baby shower party. You just need to be creative and spare some time to prepare a beautiful baby shower cake. The expectant mother will surely appreciate your work, and you are certain to earn a lot of praises. Good luck!