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Baby Shower Cake Toppers

Megha Tiwari
Are you confused about the cake toppers for an upcoming coming baby shower? Read on to get some unique ideas for the same.
Great treats are always relished at a baby shower. Elaborated cakes especially are the highlight amongst all the dishes. Cakes with a good theme can not only add fun to the party but also become a part of everybody's conversation.
Deciding on a perfect topper is very important to give the cake an appealing look and make it tempting. So, here are some ideas for baby shower cake toppers to make the cake look absolutely stunning!


When the theme chosen is footprints, then this topper is apt for the cake.
Make small footprint cakes with the help of footprint molds available online and place them on the main base that is the bigger cake. Further, you can make other food items in the shape of footprints too.

Baby Blocks

The most popular choice for toppers are baby blocks. They can be made with the cake itself or by using rolled fondant. You can use alphabet and number toppers or blocks to decorate the cake.

Cartoon Characters

Toppers can also be made using the favorite cartoon character of the parents.
Another option is to make the cake according to the baby nursery theme. If the parents are planning to give a Winnie-the-Pooh theme to the little one's room, then the toppers can be made on the same lines.


There are a number of designs to give a realistic look to the cake and make it truly dedicated to the baby. This is by putting small toys, like dolls, toys, or small cars made of rolled fondant or chocolate.


This cake looks amazing when fondant baby shoes or booties are placed on the cake along with shoelaces made using frosting or ribbons.
Further, socks and caps can also be made and added along with these booties. You can either get these items from any cake shop or make them yourself. You can add them on cupcakes or cakes. They look adorable!

Bears and Butterflies

These toppers will work for a baby boy or girl. Make a rectangular or square shaped cake and use colors matching the theme. Place a small teddy bear at the center and butterflies on the sides of the cake.

Bottles, Buggies, and Booties

Another idea is to decorate the cake with miniature baby items, like buggies, bottles, booties, miniature strollers, prams, and all other things used for babies.

Pregnant Lady

This cake topper is especially dedicated to the to-be mothers when everything else in the party is for the baby. Put a mother's figurine on the cake with the belly as a key feature.

Baby Clothing

This cake will look amazing when decorated with details, like laces, ribbons, and buttons. Baby clothing can be of any kind like bibs, jumpers, onesies, and other dresses.

More Fun Ideas

When the baby shower has no particular theme, then these toppers are generally preferred.


Baby face

Princess doll

  • Tiara
  • Jewelry box
  • Baby bum topper
  • Balloons and bows
  • Candles
  • Baby in a gift box
These ideas can be made according to the themes or the corsage decided for the party. It is one of the best ways to make the would-be-mother feel special.