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Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

Aishwarya Nirmal Mar 19, 2020
If you know that your friend or sister is going to have a cute little baby girl, you surely must be thinking of organizing a baby shower for her. We will give you some ideas about baby shower cakes for girls.
If you are throwing a baby shower party for your friend, then you need to pay attention to every little detail, however tedious it may seem. The focal point of a baby shower party, apart from gift 'showering' upon the mommy-to-be, is the cake cutting event.
Just like birthday or christening, baby shower is also a life cycle event in one's life. Therefore, it requires a delicious cake that will stand out in your friends' memories for years.
Apart from being a scrumptious dessert, a cake will also work as a table centerpiece. If you know whether your friend is going to have a baby girl or baby boy, your job becomes considerably easy.
A fondant cake or a chocolate cake with vanilla icing might not be enough. Instead, opt for a cute cake design.
It will work wonders for a shower party, especially if your friend is about to be the mother of a little princess. Consider the likes and dislikes of the mother-to-be and make it a special day for her. Here are some cake ideas that are suitable for a baby shower party.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Girls

Association of girls and dolls is so deep that these two words can be considered synonyms. Dolls and teddy bears are just loved by girls. A Barbie doll cake with  her theme houses can be a great shower cake. Choose the favorite Barbie Doll cake or the Disney Princesses as inspiration.

Fairy/Angels Cakes

Girls usually live in the fantasy world of fairy tales. A castle and fairies makes a great idea for a beautiful baby shower cake for your 'little angel'. A garden with fairies or the room of the baby with angels, such ideas can be used for making fairy cakes for a baby girl's shower.

Cradle/Cribs Cakes

Making a crib-shaped cake is a popular idea for shower parties. An angelic baby girl's face popping out of the cradle or a crib with a sleeping baby will be heartily appreciated by everyone.

Baby Care Products Cakes

A tiered cake designed with different baby care products such as baby oil, baby lotion, baby soap, etc., gives a real baby shower feel. Also, an icing made of cute little baby clothing propped up on the cake will look excellent.

Cartoon Cakes

There are many women and girl cartoon characters like Supergirl, Powerpuff Girls, Catwoman, etc. that can be chosen as the design of baby shower cakes. You can have any one of their episode or incidents sketched on the cake to make it look more attractive.

Storybook Cakes

With any of the famous story book characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Thumbelina, etc. you can have a storybook-theme cake to make it look more delicate and 'girly'. Baby shower planning is fun and interesting if themed after a famous story.

Dress Cakes

You can make an exotic gown-shaped cake or a mini wedding dress for a baby girl's shower. On a mini wedding cake, you can write baby girl's name in front of the bride and any of the friend's (who wishes to make the unborn baby girl as her future daughter-in-law) son's name in front of the groom. A question mark before the groom's name will also work.

Flowers/Fruits Basket Cakes

A beautiful and excellently decorated flower bouquet can make a lovely cake design or a simple cake with an exquisite flower arrangement around it also looks good. Moreover, a cake that resembles a fruit basket looks great on the baby shower occasion.

Cosmetic Cakes

Girls are extremely fond of cosmetic products. There is a joke related to women and cosmetics which says that, 'If possible, women would start doing make-up before they are born and it may last up to eternity'. Well, what better design for a baby shower cake than a cake decked with lipsticks, eyeliners, rouge, etc.?

Nursery Rhyme Cakes

Select a sweet little nursery rhyme like, 'Mary had a little lamb' or 'Jack and Jill' to form a perfect baby shower cake for girls. A cake design depicting any one of the nursery rhymes will make an 'educational' baby shower cake.

Poem/Quotes Cakes

A sweet little poem composed by your friends or by your guest of honor herself can be written on the cake artistically. Baby poems and quotes can also be written over the baby girl's shower cake.

Baby Shower Cake

Cream Cake with Birds Topper

Rainbow Cake

Also, take care to make use of bright-colored frosting, specially pink, green and yellow, since these are favorite colors of girls. Generally, most of the baby showers are theme-based and the cake is made according to it. So, you have to let your creative juice flow and come up with cute and funny cake ideas that will match with your party theme.
Nothing is more exciting or fulfilling than having a baby in a family. By baking or ordering a tasty and charming cake for such a joyous occasion, you can express your love for the mother and the baby girl.