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Creative Prize Ideas for a Memorable Baby Shower

Mamta Mule Feb 28, 2020
The perfect baby shower party is incomplete without amazing prizes for the guests. Here are some options that will make choosing prizes a little easier for you.
A baby shower party is full of fun for the to-be-mom and the guests. It is a special day for the would-be mom, and a lot of efforts are taken to make it extra special and memorable for her.
Choosing the perfect theme, decorations of the party room, deciding the menu for the dinner, games to be played and the prizes to be given all have to be done well. Decoration, theme, dinner and games, all contribute in making the party enjoyable, and prizes are the most exciting and awaited part of it.
But with the various baby shower games played and number of invitees, are you feeling short of prize ideas? The ideas mentioned here will definitely help you in planning out the best.

Baby Shower Prizes

You can always try to give prizes according to the theme. This will look more like a planned party. But if you cannot find those matching your theme, you can always choose from these.


Beautiful looking, colored, decorative, and scented candles make amazing prizes. Choose some artistic ones, which the guests would definitely love.


You can have scented soaps as prizes. You can opt for handmade soaps. Buy some soap molds which are available at affordable rates and make fancy soaps. You can also add fragrance oils to it

Candy Bottle

You can just add candy of your choice in baby bottles. This will be especially loved by the kids. It will make a very cute prize.


This is another item which will be loved by adults and kids. You can make teddy-shaped cookies and pack them in a box.

Photo Frame

A photo frame has unique charm, and looks amazing on the walls or tables with a photograph of your choice. It can be your pet's photo, your favorite celebrity or an evergreen family photo. Similarly, a photo album also makes for great gift.

Coaster Set

You can have a coaster set matching the theme. They are available in a huge variety and you can choose the decorative ones with baby photos or other designs of your choice.

Flavored Lip Gloss Set

This one is a favorite of every lady. You will surely get praises for this choice.

Coffee Mug

A coffee mug can be used not only as a mug but as a decorative item in your showcase as well. There are many options in this considering different sizes, colors, designs, etc.


They are never enough for any woman. So this gift will be loved by one and all.

Potted Plants

A calm looking plant to be given as a prize is just an awesome idea. This can fit in any corner of the house and gives a classy look to the place. They are also amongst one of the few affordable options.
It is not difficult to think of baby shower prize ideas. Look at the things around you and find out many adorable, affordable options. Presenting the prize in a cute wrapping with some ribbon decorations will make it more special. So, attractive packaging is important too. Also, a note can be written on it by the would-be mom to give it a personal touch.