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Baby Shower Sayings

Baby shower sayings are the best way to tell your near and dear ones about the impending new arrival. The following story will help you find some interesting sayings to convey your joy.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Mar 16, 2020
Baby showers are joyous celebrations to welcome the new arrival. The invitations, the wordings, and the sayings all need to be carefully chosen to make this celebrations as special as possible.
This proud moment of the happy couple leaves them at a loss for words. Parents-to-be are on the lookout for cute baby shower sayings to make the event as memorable as possible. If you too are searching for some sayings for a baby shower, the following examples will prove to be inspirational.

Sayings for Invitations

  • Ten little fingers,
    Ten little toes,
    Boy or girl,
    No one knows.
    You're invited to
    A baby shower!
  • Nine month forecast: A shower ... followed by a sunny baby!
  • We are tickled blue and happy to say,
    A sweet little pea is on his way!
  • A giggle, a curl,
    A sweet little girl!
  • A cute little chick is on her way,
    So, join us for this special day! (for invitations with a chick on them)
  • Come and join us at
    a (Surprise) Baby Shower for (baby name)!
    Given by ................. at
    (Address of the baby shower venue)
    on (Day and Date)
    at (Time) in the evening.
    Let's shower her, and the mystery baby with sunshine!
  • Here comes a baby from heaven above,
    Come help us to shower (him/her) with love!
  • One little boy was so much fun,
    So she thought she'd have another one!
  • Double the pleasure,
    Double the fun,
    Because (name of the expectant mother) is having
    More than one!
    Join us for a
    Twin baby shower!
  • Join us at the baby shower for
    Love, joy, and wonderful things
    All the sweet things two babies will bring!
Sayings for Favors
  • (Names of expectant parents) .... And then there were three! Thank you for sharing this day. It means a lot to us and the baby-to-be!
  • (For a baby girl) Lace & curls and a new baby girl ...
  • (For a baby boy) Teddies & toys and a new baby boy ...
  • Someone special,
    Someone dear,
    Someone new to love
    Will soon be here!
  • I wanted to say thank you,
    Daddy says thank you, too.
    Baby will say thanks I'm sure,
    Right around when she turns two.

    Thank You Sayings
    • The baby shower was that much more special because you were there. Thank you!
    • Thank you for helping us celebrate the birth of the newest member of our family.
    • Thank you for all your help with the baby shower!
    • Thank you for so generously commemorating the birth of our child.
    • Thank you for the adorable (write the name of the gift).
    • Thank you for coming to the baby shower!
    • Thank you all for coming
      To meet and welcome me .
      I'm glad I finally got to see
      My new friends and family.
      I love all the things you brought,
      You all are very sweet.
      And I can hardly wait until
      The next time that we meet!
      My mom is very lucky
      To know each one of you,
      And now that I am in the world
      I'm so very lucky, too!
    • A baby is the greatest gift
      That our lives can bestow.
      It brings the most exquisite joy
      That we will ever know.
      Some days deliver happiness,
      Far more than we can touch.
      We need the help of all our friends
    To comprehend how much.
    And so we thank you for the gifts,
    Both those you brought and are,
    That celebrate this rich, full life

    And its rising star! These were just a few examples of cute baby shower sayings. You can read these and get inspired to come up with your own unique sayings.