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Barbie Doll Clothes Pattern

Rimlee Bhuyan Mar 14, 2020
Making beautiful dresses for Barbie dolls is something many little girls like doing. This story provides some dress pattern ideas for the same.
Although you can purchase dresses for Barbies from a toy store, there is something very satisfying in making one yourself. If you have small daughters or nieces, this is a very good project to involve them in and also give wings to their creativity.
It does not matter whether you are a good seamstress or not, because with a bit of ingenuity, you can create your own dress patterns. The best thing about this activity is that you can create your own designs and accessories, and you need not be as good as a Project Runway contestant to get great results.

Dress Pattern Ideas

There are many dress patterns that you can choose from. As the Barbie doll is tall and slender, any type of outfit is suitable. You can make a cocktail dress, a skirt and blouse, a strapless dress, or a full-length gown. If this is the first time you are attempting to make doll outfits, you should start with something easy.
An A-line dress is the right choice as it is a very simple design and the structure is quite easy to sew. The materials needed for sewing this pattern are as follows:
  • A pair of scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Polyester cotton thread
  • Printed cotton fabric
  • 11 cm Dress zipper
  • Sewing pins
  • Iron
  • Needle¬†

Measure the printed fabric with the tape measure, and cut it in such a way that the length of the dress falls just above the knee of the doll. Cut out semi-circular areas to make arm holes. Sew the back of the dress with the help of a needle and thread, such that you are sewing the inside of the garment. Hem the bottom, and also sew the armholes and neckline neatly. Attach the zipper on the back of the bodice. Now turn the garment inside out, iron the creases, and your dress is ready.
If you are good at knitting, you can also create a beautiful knitted dress. You can buy the pattern in most department store toy sections. Another great option is a strapless dress. You will need two different fabrics for this project. First, measure the bust area of the doll and then make the strapless bodice by cutting and sewing the fabric to fit over it.
Now, cut the other fabric in an umbrella shape to make the lower half of the dress. Sew the skirt and hem its bottom neatly. Attach the skirt to the bodice, and sew a long zip in the bodice area. If you are not comfortable sewing a zip, attach some small hooks in the back.
When you are attempting to make a strapless dress, make sure that the bodice fits like a second skin or your dress will end up looking frumpy. The skirt should be voluminous and a little billowy, and you can vary its length from the knee to a floor-sweeping one. It is best to work with a cotton fabric or a cotton-Lycra mix having a floral pattern or motif, for a romantic look.
If you are planning to make a summer dress, then the best option would be to opt for a crochet style. Whatever pattern you choose to make the Barbie doll outfit with, make sure that the fitting is perfect to give her a smart look.