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Beauty Pageant Tips for Kids

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 2, 2020
Beauty pageant tips for kids are all about balancing it out. Read on to know how to do it, so that your child emerges as a winner at every stage of growing up.
Beauty that lies skin deep, is honed by self appreciation and satisfaction of self actualization needs. Achieving self determined goals and setting higher benchmarks, give a child high self worth and imbibe a sense of disciple. Beauty pageant for kids are one way of introducing your child to concepts to a world of opportunities.
A beauty pageant is more than wearing designer clothes and wearing layers of makeup. It is a contest defined by determination, dedication, hours of grueling practice and perfecting a winner's attitude. Learning these virtues at a young age, go a long way in determining in shaping a child's positive outlook towards life.
Take a note of few beauty pageant tips for kids, to make your child a winner at every stage of growing up.

Let Work Flow

Brimming energy of your little diva, may make you think that she will be able to take up a number of beauty pageants. As a parent, it is easy to misunderstand your child's energy levels, because what seems difficult for them, is a situation you already been through.
If you want your child to be a part of a healthy competition, she needs to have a healthy mind too. Too much of work can cause an overload and may seem over burdening. A pageant one after the other, means hours of practice, make up sessions, dress and hairstyle trials and constant scrutiny.
A young child may succumb to these pressures and start throwing tantrums. Thus let the work flow at a breathable pace for the child. Remember that the pageant is for the child and not an accolade to be won by you.

Academics are Important

Beauty pageants leads children to the world of glamor and glitz. The pressures of this world are beyond even an adult's imagination. Several break down and many leave it half way too. Knowing the brutalities of this profession, it is imperative that your child is academically empowered to following any other profession if she desires.
As harsh as it may sound, the world of beauty comes with an expiry date. Thus, prevent your child from potential setbacks by focusing on academics along with extra curricular activities.

Social Life

Every child needs to have friends of the same age and a playful environment. Excessive work can hamper your child's social life and make her lonely, which may go undetected for a long time. You must allow your child the time to mingle with other children with normal lives. This will help your child to see the other side of life as well.
Going to school, be a part of playground activities and attending birthday parties are ways of ensuring that your child has friends and values them too. A social life, teaches a child social interaction skills, ability to make friends and make relationships that will last forever.

Active Listener

Children between the age group of 4-13 undergo emotional and physical changes, which is a cause of stress in itself. Professional pressures of the beauty pageants can add to the existing stress too.
If your child is throwing a tantrums, remains silent, gets too rebellious or submissive or suffers from certain illness periodically, you need to read in between these signs. These are the symptoms of an underlying problem which needs to be addressed with immediate effect.
Be an active listener to what your child has to say through words and body language as well.
Beauty pageant tips for kids are all about maintaining a balance between professional and personal life. Avoid pushing your child too much or making comparisons between other child pageants. Beauty pageants are constantly being judged by the audience, but when a parent starts doing it, the child loses confidence and hope.
Thus, keep judgments and comparisons away and allow your child to be the person she is. After all, it is originality that wins hearts, not a trained duplicate.