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Changing Concepts of Enjoyment Among Youth

Neha B Deshpande Mar 2, 2020
What does enjoyment mean to you? With rapid growth in the entertainment industry and technology, there are new platforms that have opened up for seeking enjoyment. But with good comes bad. This AptParenting story talks about the changing concept of enjoyment among the youth today.

Internet Rocks!

Today, the Internet rules our lives. We all are dependent on the Internet, not only for knowledge, but also for entertainment. Today, almost no office can run without the Internet. It is indeed a powerful medium to reach millions in a fraction of a second.
'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. In this competitive world, we all have to slog hard to make our living. With increased stress, we all want to seek solace somewhere. The entertainment and enjoyment preserved for our weekends are the biggest sources of stress-busters for us. However, as generations change, media of entertainment also change.
In earlier times, there were very limited sources of enjoyment, hence, meeting family and friends, playing indoor and outdoor games, planning a picnic, etc., were the common sources of enjoyment. But today, thanks to technology and communication, the modes of entertainment have multiplied like never before.
We have more options on the television today, more movie theaters, all thanks to the growing entertainment and media industry. In addendum, the Internet has created a revolution in our lives.
Yet, what do you mean by enjoyment? What is your concept of enjoyment? Of course, we seek pleasure in different activities, and the definition of enjoyment is different for everyone. The concepts of enjoyment for youth has changed a lot due to the aforesaid reasons.
Sadly, partying, drinking, smoking, drugs, etc., has increased in the life of youth these days. While obsession with anything is an issue, the youth today are using it as an escape route from their problems.

Let's have a peek into what enjoyment means to the youth today.

Watching Television

Watching a game with friends is one of the greatest entertainment sources around. Of course, with so many sports channels to surf through, this task has just become easier. This is also the reason why sports, these days, are so highly commercialized, with the real spirit of sportsmanship going for a toss.

Internet: The King of All Entertainment Sources

This is the ruler of all sources of entertainment. Today's youth relies a lot on the Internet. Be it for knowledge or entertainment, its certainly at the top in the list of enjoyment.
Be it watching videos on YouTube, spending time on social networking sites, shopping, dating, or simply surfing the Internet, you never know how you end up spending hours on your laptop/smartphone.
However, too much of anything is certainly bad. With the increased use of the Internet, youngsters today no longer want to go out from the confines of their rooms under the bright sunshine. A brisk walk, a chat with neighbors, gardening, reading books, or nurturing a hobby, have almost become redundant today.

Watching Movies

Movies are a must-plan on almost every weekend. Watching movies is one of the favorite pass times of almost everyone today. With the improvement in the quality of movies, technology, etc., this is indeed one of the biggest sources of entertainment for everyone.
Though a traditional media of entertainment, movies are going to stick on for all generations to come. However, some movies can have a negative impact on the minds of youngsters, who fail to understand that, in the end, it is mostly fiction.

Bike Racing

Now, this is enjoyment for those who love experiencing thrill. The only concern is that, they should follow all the safety precautions before engaging in this kind of sport. Youngsters should remember that 'Speed Thrills, but Also Kills'.

Nightlife: Clubbing

Partying is considered as a must for every occasion. Clubbing and nightlife has become an important part of today's lifestyle. The modern definition of enjoying includes letting your hair down, forgetting your senses, and living the moment.
Nothing particularly wrong with this, as long as you do not cause any nuisance to anybody else. For today's youth, it is simply 'Work Hard, Party Harder'. Yet, they tend to forget that staying up late is unhealthy. Also, nightlife today is mostly filled with drugs, drinking, and smoking.


Any occasion calls for alcohol these days. It is completely alright if it is done in moderation. However, heavy drinking will abuse your body in the long run. Also, there are many cases of youth involved in drinking and driving, a dangerous preposition indeed.

Eating at Restaurants

The fast food culture is one of the biggest menaces these days. Food also serves as a comfort many times, and any achievement or a happy moment calls for a visit to a restaurant. Again, food is a mode of celebration in all cultures. However, it is the canned and fast food culture which is the culprit for increased obesity in the world.

Listening to Music

We all have our headphones continuously plugged into our ears. Of course, music is the biggest stress-buster. But loud music is not recommended, since it can damage our hearing. On the other hand, it is equally important that we avoid listening to music while driving (earphones, headphones).

Online Dating

Online dating has become one of the latest fad. Of course, some do end up in meeting the soulmates of their lives. Online dating is not bad per se, yet, one should not forget the risks of disclosing your personal details to an unidentified person or stranger.

Shopping Spree

Shopping is considered to be a stress-buster by many, and being fashionable is considered a minimal requirement. Everyone is obsessed with fashion, and being outdated in your dressing style is looked down by almost everyone.

Playing Video Games

Today's youth are almost addicted to video games. Gone are those days when they preferred going outdoors for a game. Virtual life can be so addictive, that sometimes they tend to forget to breathe fresh air itself. True, technology is indeed awesome, and the designers out there who make these games are doing a fabulous job.
Yet, the youth today tend to forget the importance of living out in the 'real world'. Sometimes, the virtual world is used as an escape route from one's problems.

Adventure and Traveling

Well, this is one form of de-stressing for many out there. Traveling is indeed a good source of enjoyment, a break from mundane life. However, youngsters today also seeks thrill and adventure. Scuba diving, skydiving, parachute-riding, safari expedition, skiing, etc. - these days everyone wants to have some fun-filled action in their lives.


Smoking and intake of drugs is also considered as 'enjoyment' by many youth today. Smoking may be taken up due to peer pressure. We see many teenagers who have been victims of drug obsession. This is certainly a negative impact of today's stress and competition.
There are increasing number of youngsters who engage in watching porn.
Gambling is also considered as enjoyment by many. Though most forms of betting are illegal in many parts of the world, sports-betting is particularly common among youth.
Giving time to your hobby, or reading books for pleasure, have reduced as a form of enjoyment today. While these days the youth have many more facilities than earlier generations, cut-throat competition is making them seek enjoyment in negative modes.