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Charity Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Aastha Dogra Mar 1, 2020
Kids should be made an indispensable part of fundraising activities, whether for school, church or charity, so that they begin thinking on 'community' lines rather than being self-centered and selfish.
People these days are not even able to make time for their near and dear ones, so expecting them to think of the needy and underprivileged, and do some charity is simply out of question. That's why it is imperative that values of goodness and kindness are inculcated right from childhood.
As such, involving children in charity work is a good solution? Here are some interesting fundraising ideas that kids can utilize.

Greeting Cards

Make greeting cards and sell them. A special event can be organized, wherein, small children can get together at an outdoor location such as a garden or a park and make greeting cards.
Kids enjoy coloring and painting, so provide them with enough stock of colors, pencils, paints, etc., and they will keep themselves busy throughout the day. These greeting cards can later be sold to raise money for charity.

Education Drive

Plan an education drive with the kids. Give them pamphlets, leaflets, and other material which has information on the 'cause' you support. Get in touch with the various mall managers in your area and take permission from them to let the kids talk to their customers.
Teach the children how to give a short, interesting one-minute speech on what to tell the customers to invite donations from them. Likewise, make groups of around ten kids and an adult, and visit various departmental stores in your area to ask for donations.

Sports Event

Organize a sports event. You can keep matches of soccer, baseball, carom, scrabble, etc. Almost all kids enjoy playing games, so they are sure to have lots of fun. Sell tickets to the kids to attend and participate in this sports event to raise money.

Talent Contest

Another interesting idea is to organize a talent show. You can keep dance, singing, and dramatics competitions in this show. Money is raised through this show by selling tickets to children, parents, as well as other audience.

Garage Sale

A garage sale is a good fundraising idea. You can ask the children to collect their old books, stationary, toys, clothes, etc., which are still in good condition, and hold a sale in the school premises of all these items to raise money for the needy.

'Run for a Cause' Event

Plan a 'run for a cause' event with the kids. You can charge the kids registration fees to raise money. Such an event will give the 'cause' you support free publicity, thus inciting more donations from onlookers.

'Special Day'

Organize a special day with the kids, such as a 'car wash' day or an 'art and crafts' day. They can put up a stall for car washing and raise money for charity by washing cars of commuters. Another idea is to have an art and crafts day, wherein, kids make various items like beaded bracelets, paper bags, etc., and later money can be raised by selling them.


Organize a carnival at the school ground, wherein, kids can indulge in lots of fun activities and games. Keep things like face painting, palm reading, tattoo art, etc., which kids enjoy.
Invite the parents too, and put up stalls, wherein, 'art and craft' items prepared by the kids are displayed for sale. Charge an entry fee for such events, as well as raise money by selling the items made by the kids.
By implementing these ideas, you are in a way guiding the kids to think about others too rather than just themselves. So, for all those who want future generations to be thoughtful and sensitive, involving kids in charity work is the key.