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Christian Meaning of Names

Poushali Ganguly Feb 29, 2020
Here is a philosophical take on names. Read to find the Christian meaning of names.
Every creation has a name and it is important in human relationships to have a name because that is man's relationship to man and man's relationship to God because it is said that if man and God do not know each other in person then they would not be able to love each other.
Therefore it is imperative to know the meaning of one's own name and God, therefore probably every Christian has a Christian name which is somehow or the other related to the disciples of God or almighty himself. Here we would discuss the significance of these names.

Background of Christian Names

In Bible, most of the names have a meaning and a prophecy attached with them, which makes them stand out from the common names. Those names form a part of a legend and a prophecy, which paved the way for the son of the God to come to this earth and redeem the mere mortals for their sins.
These names can be names of men, women, supernatural beings, natural endowments or cities and towns. So, here we would try to cover names from each category just to describe the significance of the Christian meaning of names.

Things to Remember when Naming your Child

When you are naming your child be careful about the name and its meaning because it would be one thing that your child would have to live with all his or her life. Moreover, while choosing names check the entire background of the character whose name you have chosen because, at times, not the meaning but actions of that character are offensive.
Always remember that your child would grow up and have an opinion and you definitely not like him to complain regarding his name. So choose a name that he can feel proud of and which would inspire him in his bad times because names do have an influence on us when we are looking for support and help.

List of Christian Meaning of Name

✤ Abia was the king of Judah and the second son of Samuel. His name means "Jehovah is my father".
✤ Allon means "strong", "oak".
✤ Amzi is one who is "strong and mighty".
✤ Anab means "grape" or a "knot".
✤ Abi means "my father". It's a common name that is used for girls. Abi was Ahaz's wife and the daughter of Zecharaih and mother of King Hezekiah of Judah.
✤ Anna means "grace" or "favor". It is derived from the Greek word "Hannah". Anna has a strong Biblical presence since she was a prophetess and a faithful disciple of the lord who spread the message of redemption and liberation by Jesus.
✤ Jemima is a name for girls and it means "dove" and Jemima was, the first of the three daughters of Job, who was born after his period of suffering.