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Cool Owl-themed Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Mukta Gaikwad
Picking an owl theme for a baby shower is a great idea because it can be used for a boy as well as a girl. This not only allows you to make last-minute changes, but also enables you to pick a neutral color in case the gender is not disclosed. Here's taking a look at how to bring about the owl look to your baby shower in a few simple ways.

Quick Tip

To maintain an owl theme right till the end, ensure that your favors and thank you notes also have owls on them. These may not be a part of the decoration, but they surely add to the presentation.
Everything about baby showers has to be cute, cuddly, and visually appealing to the mother-to-be. To bring about the desired look, themes play an important role. They make up for the missing guideline and framework, giving you an idea from where to begin.
So, if your choice for the upcoming baby shower is an owl theme, then there are plenty of decorating ideas to make your party look absolutely stunning. A theme has to reflect in all the items and the decor of the chosen area. To perfect this, first, list down the things that you will need to organize the party.
This will largely include, food, centerpieces, outdoor and indoor decoration, signboards, and other elements around the space to give that much-needed personal touch.

While working with the owl theme, you need to keep in mind that this theme can look wild, a little spooky, or adorable.
Since, the last look seems to be in question, you need to choose owl elements that look adorable and cute. Using innovative methods to infuse owl cutouts, owl statues, and owl patterns in your party essentials will establish the theme to its perfection. Here's taking a look at a few simple ways in which you can bring out the owl theme.

Decorating Ideas for Owl-themed Baby Shower

Food Decoration Ideas

Food is the heart of every party. It is an integral part as most of your guests look forward to it! So, an owl theme has to reflect through the food spread as well. The cake, which is an essential part of baby showers, can have an owl shape or an icing of an owl on it.
The little confectioneries that you will be serving, such as cupcakes, candies, or cake pops, can have owl figurines or owl pictures on them as well. However, make sure that the owls used on food items are all edible and cute to look at, to add to its tempting appeal.

Outdoor Decoration Ideas

The next important aspect of hosting an owl-themed baby shower is the outdoor decor. Since this space makes the first impression on your guests on arrival, it has to evoke a mood for the party inside. The wild nature of owls, and their captivating gaze, can be well used to your advantage to create the much-needed owl theme for the outdoor decoration.
Stuffed owls can be placed on the trees in your garden, on your letterbox, or at places where you can add to the detailing of the theme. Remember that they have to be noticed. So mark spaces that easily fall within the guests' vision range.
If the baby shower is likely to extend after the sun goes down, you can have birdcage lights to add that extra owl effect in the dark.

Indoor Decoration Ideas

As your guests walk in through the door, the theme that has been introduced outdoors has to continue indoors, and emphatically so. Your buntings, centerpieces, and balloons, that are most often used in baby showers, must have owl elements to create the 'owly' look.
With many adorable owl pictures, you can print your own stickers for the balloons, create your own customized buntings, and make owl figures out of vegetables and fruits for the centerpieces. Working on details is the real answer to bringing out the theme.

Decoration with Signboard

Signboards are required at every party to help guests navigate easily, find the things they need, and know exactly where to be. So, get down to creating quirky owl signage to mark gender-specific restrooms, food areas, entry points, and other such things. A theme has to be carried forward at every point so that your guests feel connected to it until the very end of the party.

Decoration Details with Other Elements

In a given space, other elements such as photo frames, lights, books, or shelves cannot be removed. This downside can actually work in your favor to add to your owl-themed baby shower party.
Perch an owl in all those little spaces with cool expressions, such as a studious owl wearing glasses near the bookshelf, owls on the couple's photo frame, and owls on top of the lampshades will lend the look of wilderness to your party.
Consult the mom-to-be to know what are her favorite colors, and run her through the owl pictures that you have selected for her baby shower. It is of utmost importance that she approves of it and is pleased by it all. Being sensitive to her likes and dislikes will make the party a great memory for her and all the other guests.
Owls, creatures of the night, are considered to be noble, intelligent, and wise, which are all the things that a mother wishes her child to be. Thus, picking an owl theme for a baby shower is not only apt in a sentimental way, but also in a practical way as it works for both boys and girls by just changing a few colors.