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Creative Baby Shower Gifts

Priya Johnson Feb 11, 2020
Oft, people are perplexed about what to give as a baby shower present. Here are some ideas for creative baby shower gifts.
Baby shower is a tradition going on for decades, wherein family and friends organize a fun-filled evening for the mother-to-be. The guests at the baby shower bring loads of wonderful gifts for the expecting mother and her future baby.
Earlier, people made the gifts themselves, but today people buy gifts that suit the baby's needs. However, the dilemma lies in what to gift at a baby shower, as giving the same old stuff gets monotonous. Everybody wants to get hold of some creative baby shower gifts to pleasantly surprise the parents-to-be.
The best way to ensure the gift makes a positive impression on them, is by gifting something that improves the baby's or mother's quality of life. Let us have a look at some creative baby shower presents that one can gift to the expecting mother.

Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes make wonderful baby shower gift ideas and are also different from the conventional baby shower gifts. Moreover, this cake is an excellent centerpiece and forms an attractive baby shower cake. This cake is not any ordinary cake, and as the name suggests it is made from baby diapers.
Disposable or cloth diapers are stacked together to form a gorgeous one, two or three-tiered cakes. The cake's tiers are then adorned by adorable baby products such as bibs, toys, baby socks, pacifiers, baby clothes, etc. The highlight of this diaper cake is that it caches various baby gifts, thereby adding a tinge of excitement to the baby shower.

Infant Sleep Sacks

Infant sleep sacks are baby sleeping bags with zippers, which are worn by the baby like a garment, over regular baby clothes.
These baby sleep sacks are wide towards the bottom, thereby providing ample space for free leg movement. Loose baby bedding can cause accidents which is why infant sleep sacks are recommended. These sacks also come with Velcro straps, arm holes and neck hole. and make wonderful baby shower gifts. You can buy 2-3 colors and present it to the expecting mother.

Swaddle Blankets

Oft, newborns feel comfortable when they are tightly wrapped in baby blankets. However, wrapping a squealing baby can be quite a cumbersome experience. Swaddle blankets come with strategically placed Velcro, which enables the parents to wrap the child easily. The parents will thank you for such a wonderful gift once their baby is born!

Mittens and Crib Shoes

Since newborns have no control over their hands, and oft scratch themselves, protective cotton mittens are a good gift idea. Trimming their nails minimizes this issue, however, proper trimming of tiny fingernails cannot be done. Thus, these tiny cotton mittens prevent babies from scratching themselves.
Colorful, soft crib shoes help keep the baby socks on during cold weather, and are also good options to give as a gift. You could buy a set of five with a pair of same color mittens and crib shoes, thereby, giving five colors of mittens and shoes.

Feeding Pillow and Other Feeding Products

These pillows are semicircular pillows designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable.
These pillows fit on the mother's lap and also work well with bottle feeding.
One can also gift a basket of feeding products such as baby bottles, bibs, bottle holders, bottle brush set, baby burp towels, etc.
You can also buy a breast feeding pump if your budget allows, however, you need to find out if the mother-to-be is planning to express breast milk.

Laundry Basket Idea

Another creative baby shower gift idea is to present a laundry basket filled with interesting stuff. Instead of presenting laundry items in a gift bag, which gets thrown away, one can use a laundry basket.
One can line the laundry basket with a baby blanket and place various items like baby laundry detergent, stain remover, wipes, baby bath sponge, etc. into it. But whenever you make such purchases, make sure you buy products of a reputed and reliable brand.


Cameras with extra memory cards are wonderful gifts to parents. The parents-to-be would appreciate the gift, as they can capture their infant's adorable growth stages forever.
If gifting a camera is not within one's budget, then one can even try gifting a photo package. One can go to a local photography company and get a gift certificate for a one year membership, whereby the parents can have unlimited photographs of them with their child for free.

Baby Book

Which mother wouldn't like to note down little details of her precious baby. A baby book will help maintain records of the baby's details at birth and even after that.
The mother can get her infant's footprint, hair lock, etc. sealed in the book for the years to come. Buy a lovely baby book for the mother-to-be.

Baby Closet Organizer

Once the baby arrives, the parents will buy loads of baby clothes, baby care products, etc. All this needs to be stored neatly, in an organized fashion.
Getting a baby closet organizer would be a fantastic idea. However, before purchasing this you need to find out the space constraints in the house. Accordingly make your purchase. It's a very useful gift but it's better to consult the parents-to-be before buying something major like this. Taking their personal tastes into consideration will prove beneficial.

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The best way to ensure the gifts are useful to the parents-to-be, one should put oneself into their shoes. By understanding things from their perspective, one can purchase gifts that are most appropriate to the parents-to-be and the future baby.