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Crib Mobile Safety Guidelines

Sailee Kale
Crib mobiles are meant to soothe and calm your baby. But if they are used incorrectly, they can be hazardous to the well-being of your little one. Find out what safety guidelines you should follow when using a crib mobile.
Designing a nursery is one of the most exciting things you do before the arrival of your baby. Selecting a crib, toys, and clothes along with lots of other baby items can prove to be very interesting for new parents. One of the best accessories with a crib is a baby mobile. Moving objects provide a calming sensation for babies, be it a ceiling fan, or a mobile hanging overhead on a crib.
A mobile is bound to keep him entertained for long durations, and acts as a visual stimulant. Your baby will definitely be soothed, mesmerized by the gentle movements of the mobile. The variety of mobiles stocked in stores is mind-boggling, and you can go through a huge assortment to choose from, which will blend in well with the décor of the nursery.
While decorating the nursery, one of the most important aspects you should look into is safety requirements for crib, mobile, and all other items and toys that you intend to buy for your newborn. So go through the guidelines outlined below concerning crib mobile safety, before you hang it over the crib.

Safety Guidelines for a Crib Mobile

  • Avoid using hand-me-down mobiles. They may have tremendous sentimental value, and your well wishers will not mean any harm out of them, but used mobiles can be hazardous. If it's your second baby, do not hang a mobile which has been previously used by your firstborn. Older models may not have been manufactured as per the current safety guidelines. Always use a brand-new mobile.
  • Verify whether the mobile you have purchased conforms to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) safety measures. Visit their website to check for any recalls that have been issued against the manufacturer and model of the mobile. 
Also check whether the mobile adheres to the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F963-08 safety requirements for toys. Read the safety/instructions manual carefully that comes with the mobile.
  • Register your newly bought mobile with the manufacturer immediately after you have purchased it, and keep yourself updated on any likely recalls.
  • The mobile should be hung at least a foot away from the baby's grasp. If you realize your baby can touch it even when he is lying down, you need to move it higher up, out of his reach. Also make sure it is attached securely to the crib, so there is no chance your baby can pull at it and have it fall on his face. 
Also check for loosened screws and other components that have been used to securely attach the mobile to the crib from time-to-time.
  • Once your baby attains an age where he can get up on his own and sit or crawl, it's time to remove the mobile. Being overly curious, babies will certainly try to get their hands on and pull anything that's colorful and rotating. In the process, they might even try to climb on the side rails of the crib and that is highly dangerous.
Babies have a powerful grasp, and yanking a mobile can prove rather easy for them! If the mobile is a favorite with you and your kid and you can't seem to part with it, an ideal suggestion would be to affix it to the ceiling, which solves the dual purpose of the baby staying entertained, and out of harm's way.
  • Avoid buying a mobile that is full of laces and ribbons. Also be extra cautious with the strings of the mobile. These pose a threat to the baby's health. If the baby happens to lay hands on it, these can get wrapped around his body, posing serious strangulation hazards. The length of the string should be no more than 7 inches.
  • If you are worried about any harmful chemicals in the mobile that might have been used during its manufacture, consider buying an organic mobile. Organic mobiles do not contain toxic substances, and are made from all natural elements, so they are a lot safer to use around a baby.
  • If you plan to make a baby mobile at home, make sure it follows all the safety requirements and is totally safe for your little one.
Baby mobiles are one of the most enchanting toys a baby can have, but you should be fully aware of the hidden dangers they contain. Follow the safety guidelines, mentioned above, and take enough care when selecting and purchasing a brand-new mobile, so your baby remains free from the perils associated with it.