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Cute and Fun Halloween-themed Baby Shower Ideas

Halloween and baby shower don't make a humble union, and it may not be your first choice. However, it does play a unique role when it comes to planning a baby shower.

Will the theme spook your guests away?

Host a not-so-scary baby shower by eliminating all the Halloween décor items that are too graphic, dark or gory.
Here are some amazing Halloween-themed baby shower ideas to celebrate this trick-or-treating season the unique way. It'll be entertaining for the guests, who will get an opportunity to celebrate the baby's arrival in an unconventional way.
With Halloween in the offing, finding cool décor from craft and party stores will be quite easy, and inexpensive. So, get your thinking hats on and let's plan this unique shower.


If you wish to host a co-ed shower, this type of invitation is an excellent way to get the word out. Nowadays, many couples are adopting the idea of having both the parents present at the shower, along with their family and close friends. Just make sure to mail the invitations well in advance―at least 4 to 5 weeks before the event.
There are a hundred different invitation designs and concepts to choose from, that can combine the holiday with your baby shower. Make sure you include Halloween-related clip arts in the layout, add details of the party, and mail the invitations to your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. at the earliest.


Outdoor Decorations

Just as you would normally decorate for the holiday, select similar items for outdoor decorations to set the tone for the party. At the entrance, use scarecrows, hay dolls, jack-o'-lanterns and pumpkin-shaped lights.
If you have a porch, make good use of it by hanging bat lights to impress your guests.
Also, you can choose to hang a banner above the front door that invites the guests in for a spook-tacular shower.
So many jack-o-lanterns! But of course, that is what the theme demands and makes for a wonderful décor too.
Indoor Decorations
You can place as many or as little jack-o-lanterns as you want around the living room area and table without making it look cluttered.
You can purchase Halloween-themed supplies from a craft store or party store in bulk, and set everything on a table before the guests arrive for the party.
A good way to ensure a hassle-free clean up after the party is to use disposable plates, spoons, forks, and cups. You don't want to do the dishes after everyone leaves.


Plan your menu in such a way that it makes your guests gasp in delight. From mummy breads to spider web pizzas, monster-eyes spaghetti and witch fingers, think of serving delicious, yet scary Halloween food at the party.
After the creepy-looking snacks and appetizers have done their job, it is time to concentrate on the main course. Here, you can opt to serve the guests some 'grown-up' food instead.
Although the food served during this holiday looks exciting, you can take this opportunity to give your guests a breather from the regular Halloween party menu.


Even though we've talked about keeping the gory details to a minimum, perhaps we can make an exception when it comes to serving the beverages.
There are tons of party stores that provide mind-boggling novelty items for the holiday. So, depending on your preference, purchase the glassware and finalize the drinks' recipes.


Does this cake look delish or what? If you (or someone else perhaps) know how to bake, then choose to prepare the cake at home. You can easily play around with the decoration of the cake once it's baked and ready to go. Basically, it's all about the frosting and those adorable, scary-looking toppings that you choose.


We don't want anyone getting squeamish, and hence suggest serving these mouth-watering muffins and cake pops. The guests need to enjoy both aspects of the party―Halloween and baby shower.
It's all about the presentation. If you don't wish to order the dessert, take regular cupcakes and cookies and transform it into scary delights with some frosting. In addition, you can serve chocolate-covered strawberries and marshmallows, black licorice, macarons, etc.


You can plan activities and games like Halloween crossword puzzle, baby trivia, naming baby things, painting and decorating pumpkins as baby faces, and treasure hunt around the house.


Prepare goody bags for the guests with some Halloween and shower-related items. You can give favors like scented candles, cookies, coffee mugs, and chocolates.
Undertaking the task of planning and organizing a baby shower, that too while incorporating the Halloween theme, can be challenging for anyone. But the ideas illustrated here will make your task less daunting.

 Sheetal Mandora

Clint Patterson