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Diaper Cake Ideas

Deeptee A Mar 16, 2020
A diaper cake is one of the most practical gifts to be presented at a baby shower. This story gives you a variety of diaper cake ideas.
A diaper cake is a formation that is made from disposable baby diapers, in the shape of a birthday cake. Several decorations like bows and ribbons are added to make it look colorful and truly resemble a cake.
Some people like to add a whole lot of other things like bath stuff and baby clothes, which form a part of the decoration. As the baby will require many diapers for a long period of time, it makes a sensible present. In addition to looking unique, it makes a very thoughtful gift and is very much appreciated by the would-be parents.

Ideas for a Baby Boy

Some items for a boy include:
  • Cowboy - Here, the gift is decorated with a small hat, overalls, and a bandanna. The pockets of the overalls could be filled with some toys or some baby bath items.
  • Sports Car - Boys and sports cars are inseparable. Make a sports or a racing car with diapers, and add some toy cars in between, which will be loved by the boy once he is old enough.
  • Fire Truck - Surprisingly, boys are attracted towards the fire truck. Cover the present with a red cloth, and arrange for a toy fireman on the truck.
  • Animals - Pick a particular animal, and design the gift around it. If you have selected a duck, then create a duck shape, cover it with yellow baby clothes, and decorate it with some bath duck toys.
  • Buildings - Little boys are also very interested in buildings. Select a popular building and make a design keeping that building in mind.

Ideas for a Baby Girl

Some themes around which the cake can be designed are:
  • Fairy Tale - Amongst so many fairy tales, pick one and make the present resemble the princess in the tale. For example, you could choose Cinderella or Snow White. Add beautiful, small frocks to make the princess look real.
  • Butterfly - Girls love colors. Make a butterfly design, and add several small clothes to make the butterfly colorful. Various accessories can also be added to beautify the butterfly further.
  • Teddy Bear - Make the design in the shape of a teddy bear, and add some small soft toys as decorations for the baby to hold on to when she becomes old.
  • Dress - Make a pattern in the shape of a beautiful dress, and cover the item with the dress. Not only will the diapers be used in this case, the dress will also be used by the baby.
  • Wedding- These are very lovely. Make a spectacular wedding arrangement and decorate it with some beautiful toys depicting a wedding. The baby will also appreciate this gift, when she is old enough to play with those toys.

Unique Ideas

There are a few more exciting ideas enumerated below:
  • Jungle - The jungle theme will work well with green and brown clothes covering the cake and with toy animals and birds fitted on it.
  • Star - This also looks very beautiful. A shimmering silk or satin cloth can be used for decoration.
  • Poodle - Make the cake in the shape of a poodle, and decorate it with some wool to make it look like one. A small poodle soft toy will complete the gift.
  • Carriage - A cake in the shape of a baby carriage is also a very cute idea. It will require some patience and innovation on your part. However, once completed, it will look truly spectacular.
  • Tricycle - This can be an ideal gift for the baby, be it a boy or a girl. Make the handles of the tricycle in different colors of your choice.
Remember, diaper cakes can also be gifted to the parents of the baby till the baby is almost two years old, so these also make good birthday gifts for toddlers. You can think of more creative ideas and make the day of the baby shower memorable for the parents of the baby.