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GPS Tracking Devices to Protect Children

Gaynor Borade
The rise in child-related crime rates has made it necessary to use certain devices for prevention of child abduction or wandering. GPS tracking devices are designed to help parents to keep a track of their child's location. They are configured to solve child-related issues.
Parents are probably most susceptible to worry and anguish. Nothing compares to the heart-wrenching experience of discovering that the child is lost or could be in some sort of a disturbing situation. The situation calls for an additional assistance from the police or private investigators and involves a lot of investment in terms of time, money, and energy.
With the intent to prevent such disturbing situations, that could have the most untoward outcomes, a number of dedicated manufacturers have designed GPS tracking devices to protect children.

About GPS Tracking Device

The tracking device acts like a child locator. It could be attached to the child's apparel or worn as an accessory. The mechanism is battery powered and can be as covert as you want it to be. Many manufacturers are also offering unlimited tracking without the need to sign any contracts.
The tracker comes with a built-in sensor that tracks motion and gives you a clear lead to the location of the child. This technology is created to offer parents a backup in event of the child being lured by a stranger or simply moving on with the crowd. The lightweight device can be bought in various sizes and can be even attached to the child's shoelaces!
Recognizing the need to help parents and guardians to keep a track of their child or children's movements, the manufacturers of the GPS real time tracking systems have engineered the device to alleviate stress and panic by instantly 'pointing out' the exact location by emitting loud beeps.
The flash, in the case of an integrated system, and the beeps are loud and clear to help parents find their missing wards. This system can also be put to good use to track the victims of disabilities and the elderly.

How Does it Work

The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system that is commonly called GPS. The trackers that enable access to the technology are integrated within a subscription service that is made up of a network of satellites. The positions in the orbit provide access to special satellite signals that are coded.
These signals are processed in the ground GPS receiver. The resultant signals point out compute position, time, and exact velocity.
The GPS navigation is case-sensitive. The moment it is activated, a signal is transmitted to the base unit. This is managed via radio frequency and satellite radio technology. The base unit is attached to the person or carried along by the parent as a handheld GPS. While investing in the gadget, the parents are expected to set a user-defined range.
This is the mapped area within which the child would be considered safe. Any movement beyond the base causes an alarm to go off, one that sounds like a series of loud beeps. The beeps are loud enough to be located. The base unit is the main tracking device and helps the parents to locate the child's whereabouts immediately.
The technology has been designed to avert any disaster like child abuse that may crop up due to unmonitored movement.

Importance of the Device

This system is very versatile and can be used effectively in the case of autistic, mentally, or physically challenged children. It is designed to protect children immediately, and it pinpoints idle wandering or any sort of physical incapacitation.
The ability to communicate at such times adds to the relief of parents. The friendly tracker also ensures that the ill or challenged child is able to receive the necessary medical attention in time.

Types of Tracking Devices Available

Manufacturers of GPS trackers have created designs to enable child safety via tamper-proof bracelets. They allow simultaneous tracking or monitoring more than two children. These devices are available in form of watches, cuff-links, pendants, and even tiny shoe and collar attachments. Using latest technology ensures timely response to the signal generated.