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How to Help Your Child Become More Responsible

Hemangi Harankhedkar
Being responsible for themselves is one thing children should be taught to help them live a secure future. Keep reading this story for guidance to help your child become accountable...
Raising kids to be good citizens is not as it seems; moreover kids these days are stubborn than ever and are excessively pampered by parents. How often you as a parent have come across situation where your kid refused to go to a nearby shop for buying himself a pencil or a thing he needed?
Or on how many occasions have you finished your ward's homework to save him the bashing from the teacher? His room will always be messy with things scattered here and there all over. There are many such situations you may have to deal with daily. It takes a great degree of patience on the part of parents to teach good habits and accountability to their kids.
In this story we have discussed ways through which you can help your child become more responsible for himself, his work and his life.

Making Your Child More Responsible

What does responsibility mean? Being responsible means being accountable and serious towards the priorities in our life. It also means respecting our own individuality along with respecting others. It means standing up on our own without taking the help of others.
Responsibility as such has a broad meaning and it is something we learn and understand as we grow up. Many people mistake responsibility for burden and curtailment of freedom, but it is actually being accountable for your actions and deeds, for your own good. Children should be taught the significance of being responsible to help them enjoy a better future.

Small Things Count

It is known to all that kids are influenced by the actions of elders, especially their parents. To make kids more responsible, the parents should check their own behavior when their wards are around. Parents should follow good time management skills and should also teach their kids the significance of the same.
The actions also matter; even small things can have an impact on the mind of your child. Simple actions like, turning the lights off in a room when there is no one in the room, or waking up on time for the day's work, count while teaching kids responsibility.
This is because children are good observers and knowingly or unknowingly assimilate the habits of their parents and elders around them.

Let Your Child Experience the Effects of Irresponsibility

One of the best and workable ways to teach your kids responsibility is making them experience the effects that he/she would have to face when behaving irresponsibly. For example, if he is reluctant and stubborn to not do the homework, do not help and say anything.
There are many parents who end up doing their kids homework in the night just to save them from the scolding at the school. Let him get the scolding for not doing the homework. Soon your child will realize that he needs to the work himself to avoid the bashing at school.
This also can apply to cleaning your child's room. Make him clean his room by himself without providing any help. You can use this way for a number of instances. Make your child accountable for his mistakes rather than standing behind him to save him.

Encourage Your Child

No matter how irresponsible your kid is, do not reprimand or scold him. This has no effect on kids and can make them more rebellious. Instead be encouraging and positive in your way of dealing with your children. Make a proper routine for him to work on.
Teach him the significance of following a proper schedule and how following the timetable is important for him to achieve his dreams.  This is where your behavior counts. You should set an ideal example and be following your time fruitfully.
Either ways, you can send your kid for some camp where he will have to handle himself and do everything on his own. If your kid is willing and is above seven years old you can make him do some summer job, just to teach responsibility.

Assign Your Child Duties and Reward

Another good way to teach accountability to children is making them do small things on their way. To encourage them to do it willingly you can reward them with something they like. Assign your kid small duties like washing clothes and cleaning the garden, etc., tell him the importance of doing these duties on his own. Make learning and holding responsibility fun for your kiddo.

Teach Him Money Management

To prevent your kid from becoming a spendthrift you should teach him the importance of saving money. Do not splurge money on your kids and instead ask him to manage his budget in the given monthly allowance. Your kid will have to be accountable if he finishes off his money quickly. This way he will not spend more than he has. He should be taught to spend his money responsibly.
Responsibility is something we all learn while we grow up and get the lessons of life. All of us were irresponsible as kids and then improved and understood the importance as we grew up. Same holds for your kids, they will learn being accountable for themselves as they grow and experience life... till then, all the best!