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Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Deepa Kartha Feb 16, 2024
If you have a baby shower to attend, and are on too tight a budget to buy a gift, then you can try to make a gift at home. In this information, we give you a few ideas for baby shower gifts that you can easily make at home.
A baby shower is a party that is organized to celebrate the arrival of a new baby in the family. Usually, baby showers are held a few months before the baby is born, however, there are some people who organize the shower after the baby is born so that everyone can meet the little one.
Baby showers are hosted by the mother, sister, or friends of the soon-to-be mother. Traditionally, baby showers were held only for women, however, nowadays even men are included in this party.
Earlier, women gathered for a baby shower and shared their experiences and wisdom with the mother-to-be. Along with the valuable advice, it is also an etiquette to give gifts to the mother that she can use after the baby is born.
Many people overlook thoughtful baby shower gifts, resulting in a flood of unused items for the mother-to-be. Consider homemade gifts as a meaningful alternative to generic presents like baby bottles and clothes.
Homemade Gifts for Baby Shower
Such gifts will always be valued more than those that are bought from the store as one spends a lot of time and effort in making the former. Moreover, making the gifts at home is quite inexpensive and one need not have to spend money on things that the baby may not use.
Knitted Clothes
If you're skilled at sewing and knitting, crafting homemade baby clothes is a charming idea. Alternatively, resources like books and internet sites offer detailed instructions for knitting if you're new to it.
Choose a knitting kit with appropriate needles and good quality wool. You do not have to stick to the color blue for boys and pink for girls, rather, experiment with a variety of colors.
You can make a variety of clothes including socks, sweaters, caps, booties, blankets, etc., and gift it to the expectant mother. She will surely find it useful after the birth of her baby.
Baby Brag Book
After the birth of the baby, every movement and expression of the baby is a valuable one for the parents. Help them capture these beautiful moments forever by giving them a brag book.
Though there are different types of brag books available in the market, a homemade one will surely be very special. Moreover, you can also personalize it with the baby's name using creative ideas. To make a brag book, take an 8 × 8 inch scrapbook that has various colorful pages in it. You can decorate the pages with colors, ribbons, stickers, buttons, etc.
You can dedicate each page to a theme like bathing time, sleeping time, playing time, etc. Adding quotes, poems, and sayings on every page will also be an innovative idea. However, make sure that you leave enough space for a photograph on each page.
Decorate the Nursery
If your best friend or sister is going to have a baby, taking the initiative to decorate the nursery for her will be a unique homemade baby shower gift.
Taking the responsibility of doing up the nursery will surely be considered to be a boon by the parents, especially by the mother. However, you must remember that they are going to have a baby and they should be given the chance to decide on how actually you are going to decorate the nursery.
Sit down with them and decide on the theme, colors to be used, furniture required, etc. You can also add your personal touch to the room to make it special.
Useful Gift Coupons
Another good homemade baby shower gift will be to make some useful gift coupons for the parents. After the baby is born, it is often hectic and a little help from friends and family can help ease their responsibilities.
Hence, you can make some coupons providing help to the parents to take care of the baby. This includes taking care of the baby for a day or two when the parents are going out, supplying a day's meal soon after the baby is born, cleaning the house for a day, etc.
In the same way, make a list of things that you can do for the soon-to-be parents. Once you have done this, print or write them on colored paper and cut them in the size of coupons. Staple them together and gift it to the mother at the baby shower.
Apart from these gifts, some other gifts that you can make at home are a diaper cake, gift basket for the mother, etc.
Try to make one of them and gift to your friend or relative who is standing at the threshold of motherhood. Whatever you make for the mother or the baby, remember to decorate it with love and care as this is what homemade gifts are all about.