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Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

Reshma Jirage
While baby showers have become quite an extravagant and creative affair, the invitations too are taking on a more creative spin as well. Have a glance at some ideas about making the best baby shower invitations at home.
Everything is a lot more creative, a lot more evolved and a lot more structured. So when it comes to baby shower invitations, why should they be any different? It's not about the generic invites anymore, that was done decades ago. Today it's all about the designs and the creative ways in which the invites are made.
So while we know that you'll want the best invites for the shower, we also understand that you might not really know how to go about it. We're giving you some great ideas and designs of how to go about creating homemade baby shower invitations in the subsequent piece, take a look.
Making homemade invites is fun in its own right. It brings about the satisfaction of having created something, and having given it a personal touch. It is not necessary that one has to go into the really elaborate designs for the invites -- simple designs will make for great invites as well. The following are a few ideas that you can draw inspiration from.
This is a common theme.
The color on the card indicates the gender of the baby, which helps in more ways than one. For example, it becomes easier for the guests to decide on the kind of things to get for the baby. Read on to know the kind of cards that you can make.

The Simple & Elegant Baby Shower Invitation Designs

Then there are the kind of designs that are quite simple, but they capture the essence of a baby shower well. Look through the following designs and choose one that suits your requirements.

"Its A Boy"

The Shapes and Structures

What better way than cute designs that have to do with babies to announce a baby shower? You can go with anything, really. Here are some sample pieces of what you can do with this idea. Choose a shape, and structure a card accordingly. Also, depending on your comfortability, you can easily choose something that is simple or more complicated.

"Its A Girl"

Focusing on the Mother

Instead of 'all things baby', make it about the mother. That's a nice take on things, don't you think? Take a look at the following images to get an idea of how you can go about the same.

"Mommy To Be"

Simple and Elegant is Our Style

Make it About the Couple

Then there is also another way of going about it -- instead of focusing on just the baby or the mother, make it about the couple. Of course, make sure that you are hosting a couple's party if you're going to use this type of card.

"WE are Expecting a Bundle of Joy"

Parents To-Be

The Wordings

Keep the wordings simple and direct. The following are some examples.
There are certain cards that have very simple wordings which highlight only the details of things like the date, venue and timings.
And there are some cards that get into more elaborate wordings.
You can go with a couplet or a short poem or keep it simple and direct.

Baby Shower Invite Idea 1

Bottles, Booties
Bibs and More,
Let's Shower the Baby
with Gifts Galore!

Please Come to a Baby Shower for
Ally and Miguel Kent


Baby Shower Invite Idea 2

Someone Near
Someone Dear
Someone Very Special
is Almost Here...

We're Having a Baby Shower!

Please join Laila Moore on the 20th of March, 2013


Baby Shower Invite Idea 3

Love, Joy, and Beautiful Dreams,
All the Sweet Things a Baby Girl Brings!

Please Join Us for a Baby Shower for baby Shaila.


Baby Shower Invite Idea 4

Our Son Has Been So Much Fun,
God is Blessing Us with Another One!

We're Having a Baby Shower!

Please join Katy Moss on the 20th of March, 2013


Sample Baby Shower Invitation Designs

Among the ideas described here, choose any of them and design that perfect baby shower invitation card!