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How to Prepare for a Child's Parent Teacher Conference

Hemangi Harankhedkar
You should prepare yourself well before for the actual parent teacher conference. In this story we have discussed some ways to help you prepare effectively for the meeting.
Parent teacher conferences make many parents nervous and jittery especially if the child is a hooligan and is under performing. It is like being summoned to account for your child's behavior and academic results. But keep in mind that the meeting is only for the betterment of your child's future. For a successful and smooth flowing meeting the key lies in being calm and composed. In this article we have discussed some tips that would help you prepare effectively.

Tips to Prepare for the Parent Teacher Meeting at Your Child's School

Very often parents are called for a meeting by the school authorities, however sometimes when you feel the child's performance is deteriorating you too can arrange for a meeting with the teachers. Take an appointment as per your schedule and be on time for the meeting. You need to do some homework for a successful meeting. This has been discussed further. Do not take the conference lightly, as it is the assessment of your child's overall development in school.

Talk to Your Child

The experience of the child in school has an impact on his or her performance. Thus as a first step talk to your child on how he is getting along with his friends and teachers in the school. Talk politely to your child and ask him if he is facing any kind of problem in his school. This will help you put forth you points in the meeting and discuss to sort out the issue with the teachers.

Assess Your Child's Performance and Behavior

You as a responsible parent should keep a track of your child's academic and extra curricular performance in the school. Go through his grades, and find the subjects in which his performance is weak or below mark. You can then discuss on it with the teachers of the concerned subjects.

Prepare a Set of Questions

Often in nervousness and the urge to wind up something quickly we tend to miss out on important questions. Thus take a notepad and make a list of all the questions you are supposed to ask the teacher. This will make the task a lot easygoing and help you cover all the issues effectively. Tip: Do not forget to carry the paper with you to the meeting.

Put Forth All Your Doubts

To make it easy for the teacher you should put forth every concerned detail. This can be how your child spends his time at home or what subjects he is finding difficult to grasp. If it is a one to one meeting you can also complain about some bad habits in your child. Do not insult or say something negative about your child if it is a conference with other people involved. This can hamper the self-confidence of the child.

Be Free in Communication

To establish a good rapport with the teachers you should be free in your communication. Accept the drawbacks of your child with a positive frame of mind and if you have any negative feedback, convey it politely and diplomatically. Being free in communication will help derive the fruitful out of the situation. A teacher can only best answer how the child behaves in school and what is his overall attitude in school like.
To sum it all up, be on time for the meeting, make a list of what you want to discuss and talk freely with your child and the teachers. After the meeting is over the next obvious step is finding a solution to the problems. But always be confident in your child's abilities and support him to better himself. All the best.