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How to Prepare Your Children for Prescription Glasses

Gel Datu Oct 25, 2019
Kids prescription glasses can be a big change for your children. An adjustment period is likely, so here are some tips for getting your kids ready to wear glasses.

Focus Your Efforts Online

Going to stores in person intimidates many kids. All of a sudden, adults are touching their face and getting into their space. Plus, kids may be afraid of running into people they know. They may feel like they can't voice their opinion. Focusing your efforts online is a good route to take with children of all types.

Involve the Child in the Selection Process

Let your child take charge when you shop for glasses. If you hate the glasses they adore, the situation could still work out. Shopping online tends to be budget-friendly, and many people purchase two or three pairs of glasses. It's important that your children have a say. Otherwise, they may avoid trying to wear them.

Positive Associations

Hopefully, your child doesn't associate eyeglasses with anything (or anyone) negative. Just in case the child does, discuss famous people they like who wear glasses. Don't force the issue, though, or your child may know what's up.

Compliment but Don't Overdo

It can be a fine line between complimenting your child's new look and coming across as overly effusive. Tell your kids a few times how nice they look and ask questions such as, "What can you see better now?" Another approach is to take your children to their favorite activities and let them experience how new glasses enhance the activity.

Include Glasses in Daily Routine

It's normal for kids to forget things. Your child may need some nudging to remember to wear glasses. It's not necessarily them being rebellious if they run out the door for school without their glasses on. Have them put on the glasses early in the morning after they wake up.
If your children refuse to wear their glasses, don't press the issue. Start small, like requiring the glasses to be worn when kids are home and no friends are over. Hopefully, once they get more used to the glasses, they'll be open to wearing them more.
Kids prescription glasses can be fun to wear, but it may take some coaxing to make children realize that. Check out our selection with your kids to get them excited.