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How to Swaddle a Baby

Swaddling is an ancient tradition that mimes the womb's environment. It is practiced even today to ensure that the baby sleeps peacefully.
Medha Godbole
When a baby comes into this world, the environment is very new to him. He finds it difficult to adjust to such a new surrounding. A baby, for a few months, doesn't even understand the difference between night and day. He will sleep, eat, and cry whenever he wishes to.
To make sure he sleeps peacefully, a mother might swaddle him. Swaddling is a process in which a mother wraps her baby in a blanket, in a way that the baby's posture and environment resemble that of the womb.


  • Lay the blanket flat on a bed in such a way that is resembles a diamond. Fold the upper tip down.
  • Gently carry the baby and keep it on the blanket in such a way that his shoulders are slightly below the fold.
  • Keep one of his arms next to his body, or slightly over his tummy. Then pick up the corner next to that hand and cross it over to the other side, tucking it under his body.
  • Now, pick up the lower most corner and cross it over to his chest, on one side, after keeping his other arm in a similar position as the first.
  • Now, cross over the remaining corner of the blanket and tuck it under him again, like you did with the second corner.
These simple instructions tell us how easy it is to swaddle a baby. You will see that your baby sleeps much more peacefully when swaddled.

Is it Safe to Swaddle a Newborn?

If done properly, swaddling is very safe a procedure. It also prevents the baby from hitting himself and/or scratching his face. However, there are a few important things that you must remember. Don't fold the blanket too tightly around him. This might prove very dangerous.
Also, make sure the room is well ventilated. The baby should not feel very hot inside the blanket; this might lead to discomfort and eventually result in crying.
Some say that swaddling helps the baby sleep only till he is 2-3 months old. After that, he starts thinking that his movements are being restricted and gets cranky. Also, swaddling the baby for too long might restrict his motor development.

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Swaddling is a very helpful technique in the initial months of a baby's life. It helps him slowly adjust to his new surroundings. However, if after 2-3 months your baby shows discomfort, you may consider not swaddling him anymore.