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How to Make a Diaper Cake

Kanika Khara Feb 16, 2020
A diaper cake is a perfect gift for a baby shower. Here are some tips to make this gift, which is affordable, creative, and useful.
A diaper cake is a creative baby shower gift for a would-be mother, and it can be used once the baby is born. It is basically a collection of baby diapers rolled and stacked together in the form of a traditional tiered cake.
You can make the gift colorful by decorating it with baby products such as rattles, washcloths, blankets, teething rings, etc. You may also get a stuffed toy or doll as a cake topper. So, a diaper cake may also serve as a cute and attractive centerpiece for any baby shower party.

Use Disposable Diapers

Materials Used
  • 2 packs of diapers, preferably small
  • 3 pieces of fabric ribbon
  • 30 rubber bands
  • Cake stand and tray
  • 3 receiving blankets
  • Materials for decoration
Fold and keep a receiving blanket on the cake tray. Roll a diaper tightly and tie it with a rubber band. Roll and tie another diaper and bundle it along with the first diaper using a large rubber band. Add more diapers (rolled) until the rubber band cannot expand anymore.
This forms the base layer of the cake. Tie the base layer with a colorful ribbon so as to hide the rubber bands. Fold another receiving blanket and place it over the base layer. Make the second tier of the diaper cake and place it on top of the base layer. If you wish, you may go for a third layer too.
Remove some of the diapers and start inserting some baby products. Place a cake topper like a teddy bear, or anything related to the party theme, and your diaper cake is ready.

Use Cloth Diapers

Materials Used
  • 1 dozen prefolds (cloth diapers), folded lengthwise
  • 7 pairs of infant socks
  • 1 receiving blanket
  • 16 to 20 diaper pins
  • Ribbon
  • Baby products (pacifiers, bottles, lotion, bibs, towels, washcloths, toys, baby clothes, etc.)
Fold the cloth diapers lengthwise and keep aside. Roll the receiving blanket lengthwise, so that it forms the center of the cake. The rolled blanket must be long enough to hold the two tiers of the cake. It must not stick out of the second tier. If you plan a 3-tier diaper cake, the rolled blanket must be long enough to hold the 3 tiers.
Start wrapping the folded prefolds around one end of the rolled receiving blanket. Use diaper pins to secure the prefolds. Once the base layer is ready, make the second layer by wrapping another set of prefolds around the receiving blanket, on top of the base layer. Likewise, make the top layer above the second layer.
For a 3-tier cake, you can use seven prefolds for the base, four prefolds for the middle layer, and one prefold for the top. Meanwhile, you insert the baby products into the cake and secure each layer with colorful ribbons. Decorate the cake with the socks. Take each sock and tie a ribbon near the toe, and your cloth diaper cake is ready.

No Roll Diaper Cake

Materials Used
  • Diapers (25 to 30 diapers per tier)
  • Cake pans (different sizes)
  • 3 large rubber bands
  • Cardboard cake tray
  • Ribbon
Take a sturdy cake pan and keep a handful of diapers inside. Place the diapers against the side of the cake pan, while holding them securely with your hand. Add more diapers until the pan is full. Secure them with a large rubber band and tie a ribbon around the entire tier.
Now carefully invert the cake pan on the table, so as to remove the diapers. This forms one layer of your diaper cake. Repeat the entire procedure for each layer. Place them one over the other, so that the widest one forms the base layer, followed by the second and third tier.
Insert a wooden dowel through the center, so as to hold the three layers together. Decorate the diaper cake with baby products of your choice.
These are some of the simple and easy methods of making diaper cakes. Make use of your creativity and come up with unique ideas.