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Ideas for Cheap Baby Shower Favors

Buzzle Staff
Simple gestures of admiration and gratitude go a long way in creating beautiful memories. Baby shower favors are one way of doing just that for your guests! Here are some ideas for cheap shower favors.
It takes just a little to make people happy. You could thank the guests who have attended your baby shower party. This could be done by a simple gesture like sending them a card. Otherwise, you can give them favors.
These are not a requirement, but it certainly is a splendid way to show the guests that their presence has been appreciated. While choosing favors, make sure they fit the interests and personalities of your guests.
Kept as souvenirs to help people remember the event, these can also be made at home (provided you are a creatively inclined). It is neither too difficult, nor very expensive. Let's take a look at a few ideas for cheap baby shower favors.
Wrap some colored candies in tulle, closing the pack with a blue, white, yellow, pink, or any other pastel-colored ribbon. You could also pack small decorative boxes with mints.
If you are good at cooking, you could bake some cookies in baby theme shapes. The list is endless; you could make cradles, rattles, baby bottles, teddy bears, and a whole lot of other things.
These delicious edibles will be consumed really soon, but the guests will always recall the yummy and sweet event.


Fill miniature diapers, baby booties, and bottles with chocolates. These give a customized look to the favors. You may also use baby-themed, decorative mini bags.
Purchase sachets of fragrant soaps that are available in a wide range of shapes and colors. Pack these in gift bags or decorative boxes for each guest.


Scented and decorative candles make good, classy favor. You can make these at home as a fun activity. Wrap them individually and arrange in a basket. This serves as decoration and lets everyone pick one for themselves.

Cooking mixes

Ready-made soup, cookie or curry mixes are a blessing for most working women. Iced tea packets too make a good idea. To personalize these, wrap them in individual tissue paper packs that are available in pastel colors.
There are a lot of cheap, cute, and colorful party favors that can be found in the market today. Apart from the mentioned options, you could also go for or little fruit baskets. These favors can be personalized too.
They are already packed in cute boxes, but to add your personal touch, you could use simple satin cloth or pastel wrapping paper. With these baby shower favor ideas at hand, have an interesting, enjoyable, and fun-filled baby shower!