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Importance of Family

Shrinivas Kanade
A family they say, mirrors society in itself. Its importance lies in the fact, that it provides the building blocks for you as an individual. And healthy individuals within healthy families cement a healthy society and nation.
Nothing in the world could make human life happier than to greatly increase the number of strong families. - David R. Mace

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Since the dawn of civilization, humans have tried to cohabit in groups, tribes or families for physical, emotional and communal support.
Over the ages this concept of family has undergone various transformations and changes, yet the essence of being in a family has survived throughout the world.
Pause for a few seconds and ask yourself, "Why do you work so hard?" What motivates you to do so day after day? Most readers may reply, my family, and may provide reasons to support their answer. But, what is a family? All of us inherit our physical attributes from our parents. Families are our most intimate social environment.
They are the places where we begin the vital processes of socializing our children and teaching them how to survive and thrive in the world. Values such as patience, care, understanding and commitment, that were instilled in you by your family, differentiates you from the rest.
If you are already a successful person, and I don't mean it in the monetary sense only, then it only underlies the values you inherited and the importance of family in your life.

Provides Basic Needs

It is not difficult to infer this, as your family was the first entity to provide you the basics needed to survive entered as soon as you arrived in this world. When you stepped into this world, you were unfit to survive on your own.
Your family ensured that you were fed sheltered and most importantly loved. Love is the only source of happiness and a family is an endless source of love.
A peaceful safe environment is vital for a child to grow into an independent and right-minded individual. A peaceful and understanding family will ensure that the child is nurtured is the right manner.

Educates You

Your family creates the right environment where you learn to use your faculties, you learn your first words and to understand and cope with the physical world.
It is the place, where you learn how a family works, by observing how your parents, grandparents, your siblings and rest of the family members deal with each other.
With the passage of time, you mature and start observing and learning about interacting with people other than your family and understand how your family members interacted with them. It is at this point in your life, when you learn what is meant by a healthy relationship and how to make a relationship last. You also understand how, as a family, to cope with the ups and downs of life. Consequently, a family acts as an emotional refuge for an individual during times of personal crisis.

Instills Values and Identity

What you learn from your family becomes your value system, forms your perceptions and basis of actions. Though it not a rule of thumb but, by being what they are, your parents make it easy for you to think that you can also do it.
It is said that a doctor's child has more chances of turning out to be a doctor than the rest.
In the true sense, an individual is known by his or her actions. Have you ever noticed that your actions always confirmed to the basic values you acquired from your family.
One study of 1,500 schoolchildren were asked, "What do you think makes a happy family?" Few replied that toys, cars, television sets, fancy homes or Disney World made a happy family. Most children said that a happy family is one that does things together, and that genuinely enjoys the times family members share with each other.
You approach your family when you expect a hug or a pat of encouragement on the back in times of sorrow or trouble. People in strong families genuinely care for each other's well-being and feel good about each other.
Life in families can bring us great joy or excruciating pain, depending upon how well individual relationships in a family are. A healthy marriage and family can be a valuable resource for helping us endure the difficulties that life brings us. Dysfunctional or unhealthy relationships can create terrible problems that can persist from one generation to the next.