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Kids' Personality Tests

Rashida Khilawala Mar 3, 2020
Personalities are not made during adulthood but during the tender years of childhood. The childhood years have an immense impact on an individual's entire life and overall personality. So, let's check out some kids' personality tests to decipher juvenile behavior!
As a guardian or parent, it is absolutely essential to know your child and be able to decode the hidden meanings of their antics.
There are times when 'mother's intuition' also gives way and there is a disparity between what the parent is perceiving and what the kid is trying to convey. This is where personality tests come in handy. They help the parents and guardians understand the child, his abilities, and inclinations better.
Personality tests assess the kid's most primal aspects. Questions like, 'Does the little one eat more than others his/her age?' or 'Is he/she more active than other kids his/her age?' are a very important part of personality tests for children.
These questions allow the parent to reflect and pay keener attention to the tiny tot's behavior, while answering. More so, this makes them aware that their child has a pattern that differs from others. This by itself is not necessarily a bad thing, and it will help the parent in understanding his/her little one better.
Another set of questions (to be answered by the parents) is to know the child from a bit more holistic approach. Questions like, 'As compared to others his age, does the kid read fast or slow. Does he pay attention to all the details or does he skip a few?'
Even a question like, 'Does your child require people's approval for doing something. Like, does he/she look out for people to agree with him all the time?'
All these questions help the parent in being prepared for a mindset that will be the little one's way of life in the future. More so, in case his/her personality test does reveal any negative trait, the parents can now be prepared and train the child accordingly (to nullify and get rid of the trait).
Another set of questions aim to judge their social skills. Questions like 'does the little one befriend others of his/her age easily? If yes, how long does he/she stay in that company?' This question allows the parent to see how friendly, adjusting, and accepting the child is.
Other questions like, 'When asked for his/her toy (or any item belonging to him/her) does he/she give it? If yes, is it done readily or grudgingly?' As it must already have been obvious, this is to judge the child's sharing skills and further, his adjusting skills. These kinds of questions make the parents aware if they need to work on these qualities.
Sharing, friendship, etc., are very important qualities that each individual should have. So, while answering the questions, these tests help the parents in ensuring that their children have these qualities.
Inkblot tests are good to assess the child's mental make up.
These tests need to be taken by the kid itself, to judge their perception, observation and imagination to make parents aware of the thinking of the kid. This style of thinking has a major impact on the way the child will perceive life as an individual and react to its innuendos.
Hence they play a very important part of personality tests. Children enjoy the various colors and shapes the inkblot tests hold. They get a chance to express their imagination. This helps them in speaking their mind in the future.
One thing that every parent needs to be aware of is that these personality tests are not exams! They do not judge the child. There is no right or wrong answer or good or bad result. These tests are to help you help the little one, and not to allow anyone to judge him/her.
Many parents fail to grasp this fact and often forgo the personality tests, which could become a barrier in their upbringing and development on the whole. So, take these tests, understand your kids better, and help them have a more productive and complete life. This is where we sign off! Take care.
P.S: Most of these tests are for children up to 12 years of age only.