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Lovely Princess-themed Baby Shower Ideas

Sheetal Mandora Mar 4, 2020
A royal baby shower is a wonderful way to help the mommy-to-be to start creating memories for her soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. Here are some lovely princess-themed baby shower ideas that will take the celebration of the baby's arrival to a whole new level.

Fight the Compulsion

A princess-themed party somehow leans more towards the color pink. But don't feel the need to succumb to the old-fashioned norms of a theme. Break free and choose from a variety of color schemes―red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, green―for the party.
A baby shower is all about celebrating the arrival of a new life and sharing helpful parental advice with the mother-to-be. So, the first thing in order is to get together with the new mom and set a date. Many times, couples prefer a post-birth shower as well. Hence, confirm whether they wish to have the event pre- or post-birth. And as far as the planning is concerned, we've got your back covered with these wonderful princess-themed baby shower ideas.

Party Invitations

Depending on the number of women you're inviting, order at least 4 - 5 extra invites as a buffer.
Apart from regular princess-themed invitations, you can also print the details on a parchment-like paper and send out a 'royal' invite to everyone. On the other hand, if your budget is tight or if you wish to host a green shower (major 'Yay' points to you), send an e-vite instead.

Party Supplies

The best places to find the supplies for hosting the party are craft stores and party stores.
As the theme isn't vague, you can select either a famous Disney princess or go with a more general tone. Basically, incorporating theme-related supplies can bring a greater sense of festivity to the event.

Venue Décor

Go with colors that fit the general theme you wish to set for the shower. If the new mom loves a particular color, why not include it in the party?! From flower centerpieces to table setting, balloons, bunting, and streamers, there are so many elements you can work with to liven the party.
You can choose to keep the décor elegant and formal, ...
opt for a casual, laid-back approach, ...
or combine the two for an interesting ambiance.

Cake and Desserts

What's a party without the cake? There are many bakeries that prepare gorgeous and thoughtful cakes in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. You too can order a custom-made cake, or try to bake one yourself to keep the expenses as low as possible.
Go for either a traditional baby shower cake, or blow everyone's minds with a unique and personalized cake.
Sweet, delicious, and tempting desserts that center the theme of the party, ...
or stand alones to grab the guests' attention are always welcomed.
Want to serve desserts hassle-free? Place a dessert table for an error-free service.

Food and Beverages

Finger foods and delicious appetizers is what you need to concentrate on for the party. Keep the idea of having main course at bay, and concentrate entirely on a menu that is easy to prepare/order, serve, and enjoy (read devour). And as for the drinks, champagne, lemonade, and fruity mocktails is the way to go.
Serve appetizers on spoons and in shot glasses so the guests don't have to wash their hands too often.
Something to munch on as the guests walk in and mingle with each other.
Refreshing homemade lemonade and fruit-infused water to keep the party going.
Or better yet, serve fresh fruit mocktails that even the mother-to-be can enjoy.

Games and Activities

Although gift opening is one of the main events, you should definitely include a few other activities to enliven the gathering. To keep the guests entertained for the duration of the party, have at least 3 - 5 games and activities planned that surround the shower.
Give mommy-to-be cute and adorable name suggestions for her little princess.
Leave helpful advice and wise words for the princess; the mother-to-be can share it on her birthdays.
Something for everyone; place blindfold on the guests and ask them to guess the baby food.

Party Favors

Before you bid adieu to the ladies, help them get in touch with their inner princess. There are many sites that provide princess-themed favors that can work in your 'favor' while finalizing the actual gifts. So, don't forget to surf through different sites to find the best possible favors for everyone.
Prepare goody bags for everyone with either 1 - 2, or all the favor suggestions given above.
If the party isn't going to be a surprise for the mother-to-be, involve her in the organizing and planning part as well. This way, you will get her valuable inputs and be able to get the tasks completed more efficiently.