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Melting the Stress You Get From Parenting

Mikkie Mills Oct 24, 2019
Stress seems like it is impossible to escape. Between your phone constantly buzzing, your email alerting you every 15 minutes and your kids arguing about whose turn it is to do the dishes, you need a few moments to wind down after a long day.

Massage Therapy

Treating yourself to a monthly or even weekly massage is more therapeutic than you might realize. Your body is put to rest while you’re being massaged, but did you know that recent studies are showing that massage therapy might also help with a number of other diseases and ailments?

Essential Oils

Using oils harvested from plants for health is an ancient art, dating back as far as 2000 BC in the Egyptian days. As time has gone on, humanity has gotten better with plants and has learned how to use them in all kinds of healing methods. Copaiba essential oil kits are just one of many brands available that can help you naturally stabilize your stress.


There is nothing about regular exercise that is not good for your body. Always keeping yourself moving gets your blood and heart flowing more regularly, which in turn helps your body to function more normally. An added bonus? Exercise wears out your body so that when it’s time to get to bed, you are good and ready to sleep.

Soaking in the Tub

There is something so calming about lying in a steamy, bubbly bathtub with low, quiet music playing all around you. If this sounds like a pipe dream, ask your partner to turn on a movie for the kids and to keep an eye on them; you deserve a few moments alone.