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Military Boot Camp for Kids

Parashar Joshi
At such a tender age, everything that kids observe and hear has a lasting impact on their minds; it affects their mental and emotional development significantly. A military boot camp aims at imparting a sense of discipline and orderliness in a child's life.
Many of us would be aware of the term, 'there are two sides to every coin'. The same can be said about times that we live in today. Our society has risen to new heights and at the same time, fallen to new depths, all in a short period of a decade or so.
On one hand we boast about rapid advances taking place in the field of technology, however, at the same time turn a blind eye to misuse of technology by anti-social elements in perpetrating terrorism, communal violence and many other detrimental activities.
We see this happening in our daily life and as adults, have almost become used to it. However, what we often fail to understand is the impact and effect this negativity has on the minds of kids and teenagers.
The negativity prevalent in our society has led to many kids becoming insecure, arrogant, alienated and at times, even mentally unstable. Effective parenting and counseling can resolve some of these issues to an extent. However, at times it becomes necessary to adopt additional measures for the betterment of the child.
This is where a military boot camp comes into picture. Socializing is an important part of personality development. A child can learn new things in such camps through interaction with other kids.
He/she learns to operate in a team; communication skills also get improved. All in all, a positive change is brought about in the personality of children by means of such camps.

Situations When a Military Boot Camp Becomes Necessary for Kids

● The child refuses to obey his parents and elders and has become excessively arrogant and aggressive.
● The child has been skipping school regularly and is showing complete disinterest in academics.

 ● The child has been indulging in drug or alcohol abuse or sexual activities.
● The child has turned to petty crimes such as pickpocketing, shoplifting, etc.

 ●The child is extremely low on self-esteem, is too emotional or is lacking a sense of direction in life and requires a bit of toughening.

What Does a Military Boot Camp do for Kids?

A military boot camp is like a beginner military school in many ways. It plays an important role in re-shaping the lives of kids and teenagers, who seem to have gone a little off-track, to say the least.
Duration of a boot camps is anywhere between four to six weeks. During this period the children or 'cadets' as they are referred to at the boot camp, are cut-off from all communication media that connects them with their families and friends.
Phone calls are allowed only once a week or in case of an emergency. Cadets have to wear uniforms during the entire duration of the camp and are expected to follow a set routine with utmost discipline and sincerity.
The main agenda or objective behind organizing the boot camps is to instill a sense of discipline among cadets, along with improving their mental balance and physical toughness.
Military boot camp aims at imparting in cadets, the core values needed to face life's challenges confidently and courageously.
This is usually accomplished through different types of physical drills, exercises, sports activities, group tasks, problem solving sessions, etc. Group tasks are particularly beneficial in bringing out the leadership qualities in cadets.
The cadets are expected to wash their own clothes, maintain proper hygiene, adhere to rules and regulations of the boot camp and follow orders issued by their commanding authority.
A military boot camp can bring about positive changes in kids' lives. Parents should definitely think about sending their kids to such camps, as it toughens and shapes them accordingly to face life positively and with the necessary confidence.