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Nautical Decoration Ideas for a Baby Shower

Rimlee Bhuyan Feb 29, 2020
Are you looking for some interesting theme for baby shower? Then how about a nautical theme. Here we are going to discuss nautical decorations for a baby shower. Read on...
If you are planning a baby shower for your best friend or sister, then you need to have a theme for it. A baby shower is one of the most anticipated event by moms to be and you need to plan each and every component of the baby shower for it to go smoothly.
Having a theme for the baby shower helps you in deciding the kind of menu, favors and decorations that you can have for the party. Although floral and tea party baby showers are popular themes to have for a party, you can opt for a more interesting theme like a nautical theme for the baby shower.
A nautical theme baby shower guarantees that you have a lot of fun at the party and it is not too difficult to plan decorations, favor and menu around this theme.

Ideas for Nautical Style Decoration for a Baby Shower

Nautical Inspired Centerpieces

An important element of baby shower decorations is the centerpiece. For a nautical theme, you need a centerpiece that matches this theme. Use a large seashell as a vase and fit a piece of foam inside it. Arrange fresh seasonal flowers and green ferns inside the shell. This is very easy to do and it will help in bringing the ambiance of the shores indoors.
Spray paint large shells and then place votive candles inside the shells to create a centerpiece.
Group together some of these shell candles together and scatter confetti around. Alternatively, you can purchase sailboat shaped tea light holders and use them as centerpieces. These type of tea light holders can be found in any novelty decoration stores or you can purchase them online.
If you can find an old oar from a salvage shop then you can use that as a centerpiece too by thoroughly cleaning it and decorating it with fresh white flowers.

Nautical Wall Decorations

If you are having the baby shower outdoors, then you can hang paper lanterns with cutouts of sea horses affixed on them. This gives a whimsical look to the baby shower.
Ropes and netting can also be used to decorate the walls, if you are having the baby shower party indoors.
Make decorative banners by using chart paper and use nautical colors of red, blue and black to go with the theme. You can also make a garland by using wide satin ribbons in red and blue colors. To make this nautical inspired garland, all you need to do is cut the red and blue ribbons into 4-5 inch rectangles and then make a fishtail cut at one of its end.
Cut at least 15-20 such rectangular ribbon pieces in both red and blue colors and then attach them to a long cotton cord. Festoon the walls with these garlands. You can also string together a garland made with seashells and hang them over the windows for an ocean inspired decor.

Nautical Table Decorations

For table decorations for the baby shower, use a navy blue or red colored tablecloth. Also make sure that the napkins match the color of the tablecloth. Use table runners that have a nautical theme like an anchor, paddles, boat steering wheel, lighthouses or sailboat.
Instead of regular napkin rings, use white cord or rope to fashion rustic looking napkin rings. Use place cards that are shaped like sailboats to give the table decor a more nautical look and ambiance. When these nautical decor ideas are combined with the nautical inspired centerpieces, the baby shower table will look unique and inviting.
Last of all, how about favors for the guests in the form of a compass, the most apt symbol of anything and everything nautical. Planning a baby shower along a nautical theme is not difficult and all you need is some creativity to come up with some great ideas.