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Outdoor Games for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 18, 2020
Looking for some really entertaining games for your kids? We have provided you some examples that would allow preschoolers and kindergarteners to enjoy a lot. Check them here...
It's the age when children are highly enthusiastic to play games that bring forth a deal of fun and amusement. Engaging them into such fun-filled activities also inculcates a feeling of joy, the urge to make friends and they also learn to cooperate with each other. Games are usually simple so that kids can understand and play them with absolute excitement.
The fun part apart, playing outdoor games is also necessary for keeping them physically active. We have provided you a list of games in this article that you can choose from while organizing outdoor games.

List of Preschool and Kindergarten Games

The games explained in the upcoming segment are easy to organize and they do not require much preparation beforehand. You can arrange for such games in your backyard or while being on a trip with a bunch of kids. Have a look.

Catch Me

It's a game that is largely popular among kids. Ask them to form a circle and then you select the 'den'. The 'den' is the one, who will chase the kids for the purpose of catching. There are different methods for selecting the den. You can start counting numerals and the kid on whom the numerical ends becomes the chaser.
To make it more interesting, try different types of abracadabra or nursery rhymes for deciding the den. The kid who gets caught by the den begins the next chase. The fun they derive in running and chasing is worth observing.

Race Games

Racing is highly covered by preschoolers and kindergarteners, especially when they are promised with a prize. Some of the most enjoyable racing games include hopping race and chocolate race. The hopping race mimics the way a frog jumps.
Draw separate lines from where they have to start and end the race. Ask them to sit and jump for reaching the destination. I'm sure you will burst out laughing when you see the little kids hopping like a frog.
While conducting a chocolate race, you need to hang cubes of chocolates on a string. The kids have to reach that particular point to eat the chocolate tied on the string without using their hands and then run to reach the end point. So, are you ready with the game? Well then, blow the whistle!

Scavenger Hunt

One of the best outdoor games for preschoolers and kindergarteners is the scavenger hunt. All you need to do is, scour for the 'hunting items'. You can arrange for this game in your backyard when group of kids gather in your house on birthdays and other ceremonies.
Make a list of the items that they need to look for and explain them the rules in simple terms. Dolls, stickers, cartoons, block letters, baby creams, etc. are some items that they can easily identify while playing the game. Scatter the items on the ground and set a time limit for the game. The kid who collects maximum number of things wins the game. Scavenger hunt is a very interesting game that nurtures their observation power to a large extent.

Passing the Parcel

Almost everyone knows how absorbing this game is. Allow them to sit in the form of a circle and note down the activities (e.g. dancing, reciting poems, stories, singing, etc.) that they have to perform in small pieces of paper. Use a stuffed toy as the parcel and ask them to pass on as the music starts.
Stop the music suddenly and the kid who receives the parcel has to pick up a paper and perform as per the instructions provided. The game becomes interesting when their innate skills and talents are displayed. Not only do the kids enjoy, but everyone present around is also amused by this game.

Funny Charades

Kids of this age group are probably the biggest fans of comics, cartoons and animated movies. Everything related to the characters are well etched in their mind and their names are on their tongue tip. So, why not keeping this as the theme of the charade? Form two groups and explain them the method of playing.
Each kid has to enact something associated with the character, show or the movie as being suggested by the opponent group. Keep the rules simple and give them certain hints so that they are prompt in answering. The fun begins when they start acting in their childish ways to carry out the task.
Apart from these, you can also arrange for some other games that include: 'statue' or 'freeze' game, 'catch catch' and 'tug of war'. Kids have a blast of fun and joy when the games are well organized and skillfully executed. Even if you do not find regular opportunity to conduct such games with their peers, you can take them to nearby amusement parks to spend time making merry.