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Parenting - Key to being a Patient Parent

Shalaka Bhosale
Patience is probably the key skill that a parent needs to master when it comes to dealing with kids. It always seems so simple and easy to lose patience, and yet so difficult and sometimes almost impossible to find more of it. Here's some help...
Bad communication strains relationships. Chat, share, update, and chat about daily events just like you'd like them to. Speak in a way they understand and share life's pearls of wisdom.
Reduce your pace so as to keep up with your toddlers. Find workarounds which allows you to have it their way as well as yours.
Have Foresight
If your kid insists on tying his own shoe laces, and in the morning rush hours you have no time for this insistence, ask your child to continue tying the laces while you drive him to school.
Well, discussing patience, staying composed is a given. The trick is to avoid reacting instantly; otherwise, frustration takes over.
Stay Cool and Calm
Back off, think through the topic, and decide what you can say and do, and then do it. Set aside some time when you can composedly let your child know what you feel, and why you feel so.
Psych prof Gary Walters notes our behavior expectations may exceed kids' mental abilities. Avoid imposing, to nurture self-confidence and reduce insecurity.
Keep Real Expectations
If kids push against your wishes, discuss the pros and cons, then allow them space to reflect on your expectations.
Give Them Space
Explaining to children yields better results than forcing. While some strictness is necessary, imposing opinions may backfire, leading to rebellion.
Remember, how you express your irritation and anger teaches your children about managing and organizing their own feelings and relationships. Help yourself to help your children.
Consider how we exercise patience with colleagues or new acquaintances. If we can endure it there, why not with loved ones? Teaching with patience aids children's thorough and swift learning.