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Parenting Milestones to Celebrate

"Parenting is a stage in life's journey where the milestones come about every fifty feet." - Robert Brault.
Jhulin Bihari Mar 16, 2020
First time when you will hold your delicate baby and kiss the tiny little pinkie, a drop of joy will surely roll down your eyes. The soft whimpers of your little one will complete your world. The journey is all set! Now, innumerable milestones will be coming to mark your journey on which you are about to embark. Aye Aye Captain!

Child's first smile and cry

Those innocent stares which are accompanied with 'no reason smiles', it makes your eyes gleam with bliss. The fairies and angels in his sleep make your little one so delighted, that those dark nights do not seem to frighten him.
But sometimes the broad daylight frightens your baby enough to scream and shriek.

"Congratulations parents, You're aboard!"

Child's first bubble bath

When you fill the entire tub with warm water and keep toy ducks and gummy bears floating, you will rejoice seeing your little one paddling fast to conquer all the bubbles, bursting them, and spraying water on you.

"Caution: Splash Splash, Water Zone!"

Child's first diaper change

Remember the first diaper change, of course you do! Every time you do this task, you end up standing in front of a water fountain. The moment you remove that diaper, the kid will feel free and never want to put it on again.
Then, with every effort you make, you get kicks and pee fountains. Finally, when you are over with all the hassles, your child has a diaper on.

"Bravo! You are the official Diaper Guy."

Child's first birthday

Time to celebrate - birthday time! You decorate the entire house with colorful balloons and streamers flowing from every nook and corner. Princess theme or Doremon theme, your happiness knows no boundaries.
Your tiny one is ready to blow out the candles, but whoops, those burning lights fascinate your baby more, pinkie in danger! Blowing candles! You will do that yourself.

"Sugar Pie, Happy Birthday!"

Child's first doctor's visit

Honking and driving like crazy, you reach the hospital, and it becomes worse when your little one gets injected. Your heart aches and you can do nothing about it.
Slight fever or puke, you're ready to roll up your sleeves, but at the same time' your heart breaks into millions of pieces. Those uncountable sleepless nights and tiring days, they are nothing when your baby is ill.

"Patience, what's that word!"

Child's first meal

It looks so sweet when you make your child sit on those high chairs with baby food, and a napkin tied on his neck. He finds it so delighting, that the moment you turn around to do something, the napkin is out flying, and all the food is stuck on his nose, and his little tongue trying to reach it.

"Ta da, Yummilicious!"

Child's first ride

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Whether it's a ride in a stroller or a car, your child is filled with glee and delight. In every parent's life, this day comes when you introduce your little one to the world, and the icing on top of it is when you take him for a ride.
With every bump and turn, your child cackles up. It is so much fun to see that happening! Those relaxing rides in the stroller, and it amazes your child when someone peeps at him in admiration.

"Yip Yip, Ready To Hit The Road!"

Child's first babysitter

Whether you are at office or in the neighborhood supermarket, as a parent, you glue your ears to the phone. It's babysitting time! You are concerned and anxious when a stranger steps forth to babysit. You Google everything about her, and keep all her details sealed.

"Wow! You beat the FBI."

Child's first Christmas

"Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the Way". Your child is fascinated with all the decorations, ribbons, Christmas tree, and Santa Claus. As parents, for you, it seems you can gift all the happiness of life to your child. Stuffing the socks with presents and making your child's Santa Claus wish coming true, it's a glorious moment.

"Ho Ho,Christmas!"

Child's first slide and swing

When, for the first time, you take your child to the park, and he is all set to leave your hands and hop onto the swing, your heart thumps fast. With each to and fro movement, you keep your hands ready to catch him, but your little one flutters like a butterfly, with not a care in the world.

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But yes, the slides and swing don't come free, bruises and wounds will always be a part. But dear parents, that's life! It's better that your child learns that nothing is smooth in life.

Child's first tooth fairy day

When your little one's sixth baby tooth falls, you are equally excited as him. The entire day, you keep narrating stories about tooth fairies, with those big eyes absorbing each and every word that you speak.
The next morning you find your little one running like lightning and hugging you, saying, "Mom it's true, tooth fairy visited me". That's a fabulous moment in every parent's life.

"Yippee! New tooth on the way!"

Child's first school

The big day comes when your child has bags and bottles in hand, and riding that school bus to reach a new destination called school. With school itself your child's world will grow too, with new friends in that new world.
And when the first prize comes, as a parent, you feel so accomplished and fulfilling.

Those words of admiration with which you pat your child's back - "I am so proud of you", follows an amazing answer, "I love You Dad and Mom!"
These are some milestones, you, as parents, will always celebrate, cherish and treasure. Well, the journey is on for more moments yet to come. So, keep the camera ready, and "Say Cheese".