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98 Popular Swedish Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

Tanaya Navalkar Mar 16, 2020
Your bundle of joy is on its way? We are guessing that you must have thought of or are thinking of some unique name for your boy. Why not keep a Swedish name? We rightly provide you with a list of popular Swedish names for a baby boy.

Did You Know?

The naming law in Sweden requires people to first take approval from the government before naming their children. It states that first names shall not be approved if they cause any offense or discomfort. Some of the rejected names were Metallica, Superman, Ikea, and Elvis.
Everyone knows us by our names. It is a part of our identity. Names help us to distinguish from one another. Coming up with a unique and nice name for your baby can take a long, long time. Sometimes it can get intimidating as well if you are not able to think of a nice name for your child.
Thinking of keeping a Swedish name for your kid? We will make your task easy. Here's a list of Swedish names and their meanings. The Swedish names were originated from the names of places, mythology, history, nature, and many more.
From the pool of names given below, narrow down to one or may be two names for your baby boy. The most popular ones are Anders, Bengt, Erik, Gunnar, Johan, Karl, Hans, Lennart, Mikael, Oscar, Peter, Sven, and Tage.

Swedish Names for Boys and Their Meanings

Adolf/Adolphus - Noble Wolf
Alfonso - Noble
Alfred - Name of a king
Aron - Lofty or inspired
Antonius - Priceless


Bengt - The blessed one
Birger - One who helps
Baltasar - Protected by God
Benedikt - Blessed
Berg - Mountain


Casper - King of the treasure
Claes - People's triumph
Christer - Christian man
Carl - Man
Caesar - Long Hair


David - Beloved
Davin - Intelligent
Dagmar - Famous day
Dag - Day


Edvard - Wealthy guard
Eddy - Prosperous protector
Erling - Noble man's offspring
Emil - Industrious
Erik - Powerful


Felix - Name of a saint
Filip - Loves horses
Folke - From the people
Frans - French man
Frederek - Peaceful ruler


Gabriel - God is my strength
Gunne - Army
Gerhard - Spear courageous
Gudrun - Wise
Greger - Watchful


Halvard - Defender of the rock
Hermann - Warrior
Harald - Powerful man
Hans - Gift from God
Hedwig - Refuge from the battle

Ingemar - Famous
Ingolf - Ing's wolf
Isak - Laugh
Ivar - Archer
Ingegard - King's helper


Jan - Gift from God
Janne - God is merciful
Jerker - King forever
Justus - Just
Johan - Gift from God

Klas - People's triumph
Kalle - Strong
Karl - Manly
Konrad - Brave adviser
Kristian - Form of Christian


Lars - Laurels
Lennart - Lion
Lucio - Light
Ludvik - Famous warrior
Lukas - Light

Magnus - Great
Manfred - Peaceful
Markus - Warring
Mikael - Gift from God
Melker - King


Natanael - Gift of God
Nels - Chief
Niklas - Victory of people
Nansen - Nancy's son
Noak - Rest

Olga - Holy
Otto - Wealthy
Oscar - Divine spear
Olof - Relic
Ove - Ancestors


Patrik - Noble
Peder - Rock
Peter - Rock
Pelle - Rock
Poul - Small

Roald - Famous leader
Rikard - Powerful ruler
Ralf - As wise as a wolf
Ragnvard - Powerful fighter


Salomon - Peace
Samson - His service
Stefan - Man with crown
Sten - Stone
Sven - Young

Tage - Day
Thor - Mythical God of thunder
Tobias - God is good
Torbjorn - Thunder bear
Tor - King


Valdemar - Powerful
Valentin - Brave
Valfrid - Peace
Vidar - Fighter in the woods
Ville - Strong mind and protection
Chosen any name yet? We hope this list was useful to you. We might have missed out on some names.