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Preschool Activities for Kids

Kashmira Lad Mar 11, 2020
Creative and engaging activities for children studying in preschool helps them have fun while they learn. This story gives you a few ideas that are sure to boost their creativity!
The preschool period is considered to be an important phase for children as it is considered to be a significant stage of development for them. Preschool activities can be made interesting where in child develops a liking to explore and pick up new hobbies and interests. Besides, parents can also use them at home to keep their children busy on a rainy day!
The trick lies in making these activities fun and interesting and keeping the young ones entertained and informed at all times. Here are some interesting activities for kids that are bound to keep them busy and happy at the same time!

Preschool Activities

You might need to be involved with your child for trying out these activities. Once they get used to it, you can probably let them be on their own and watch them from a safe distance.

Easy Fish Beanbag:

What You Will Need
Tube sock
Dried beans
Felt scraps

Begin by helping the child fill a tiny tube sock with dried beans; fill up to three quarters. Tie it tightly so that it forms a tail. Use some yarn to tie the knot.
Then, push the toe area of the sock towards the inside so that it forms a mouth. Add some glue so that it holds the shape of the mouth. Direct your child to draw some eyes and gills on the face area with a marker. You can even use felt to create the shapes, this can be glued to the sock.

Make a Cotton Snowman:

What You Will Need
Cotton Balls
Cups (to trace)

Find different types of mugs or containers so that the children can trace different-sized circles. Once you have all the containers, instruct the kids to trace circles.
Make them fill in the circles with cotton balls. Use a little bit of glue to fix the cotton on the paper. Meanwhile, you can paint the macaroni and popcorn in different colors, these can be used to create eyes and mouth for the cotton snowman.

Shimmer Shapes:

What You Will Need
Powdered glitter
Instruct the child to use glue and draw different shapes on paper. This could range from the basic oval to a star shape. The child can then sprinkle some glitter over these shapes. Let it dry and shake off the excess glitter. Teach the kid about the name of each shape so that the child learns to identify shapes and forms, in a fun way!

Sing a Song:

Kids would love music any day and you can sing a few well-known songs for the class. Teach particular actions with the song, you can incorporate few claps or shouts with a particular verse. These actions should help them interpret the meaning of the song as well. These body actions will help them develop their powers of observation and memory skills.
These preschool activities are bound to help kids interact with each other, develop various skills, and tap their creativity in a fun manner!