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17 Reasons Why Cousins are Your Best Friends

Buzzle Staff Apr 13, 2020
First cousins, second cousins, or third cousins, all your close cousins can be best described as your best friends! Yup, from those fond childhood memories, to big adult moments, they have been with you through it all. This story just lists down some reasons why cousins will always be close to our heart.

Did You Know?

National Cousin's Day is celebrated on the 24th of July every year.

You may be cousins by blood, but you know you are siblings at heart, and best friends by choice! Yes, that is exactly what cousins are, friends forever. The bond you share with them is just so different from all your relations.
With siblings there's always too much time, so obviously you fight a lot, but with cousins every moment is precious, cause you don't live with them or meet them everyday. Of course you fight sometimes, but you don't waste anytime making up!
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, probably that's why cousins have that really special place in our heart. So here's a small list of reasons why they are your best friends, although we know you don't need reasons to prove that.

You know each other since your diaper days!

Yup, you go back a long way. There's hardly anything about your life that they don't know. You have done a lot of shit together! This makes it so easy being with them.

They were your first friends.

Before you grew up, went out, and made friends, you had your cousins. They were your first real buddies! You never had to try to be friends with them, it just happened. That's the best part of your relationship.

All the family jokes!

Talking about all your relatives and dysfunctions of your family was super-entertaining, because of them. Cracking jokes on your uncle John or aunt Mary was fun because of your cousins. Remember how you used to have your own "serious discussions" when the grownups had their own talks.
You shared what all you got to know from your respective parents with each other.

They know all your secrets.

From all the silly antics you did as a kid, to all your boyfriends and girlfriends, they know it all. When you sneaked in at night to attend a party, they were there to help you out. When you were working hard on that project, they were there to encourage you.

Endless Memories...

It is just simply impossible to list down all the wonderful memories you have made together over the years. The best part is, you will be making more and more memories, cause your bond grows stronger every passing day.
All those experiences have shaped you as an individual, and have played a huge part in your emotional development.

You can tell them all your problems without being judged.

There is never a feeling that they will judge you. Your relationship is so transparent and clear. There is literally no topic in the world that you guys cannot talk about. Even silence is never uncomfortable with them.
All those experiences have shaped you as an individual, and have played a huge part in your emotional development.

There are no inhibitions with them.

Considering all the things you guys have been through together, stories you have shared, and incidences you've experienced, there's no chance of feeling awkward with them.

They are the reason family gatherings are fun.

Yes, a family get-to-together can be really boring without cousins. Imagine just getting stuck in all those grown-up conversations. Plus, who will you crack all the jokes and pass silly comments with!

You were never lonely.

Even if you were a single child, your cousins ensured that you never felt lonely. They were like your sisters and brothers from another mother.

They are the first people you call, when in trouble.

Well, most times they will be your companions in mischief, but if you do end up in trouble they will immediately come to bail you out. Basically, you can always count on them, and they will not disappoint you.

Those summer holidays

Cousins are synonymous with summer holidays! Actually most holidays were fun because of cousins, and of course grandma's yummy food. The fun you had during vacations can be best described as epic.
The hard part was, those goodbyes at the end, but of course the promises to have more fun the next vacation made them a little bearable!

Even if you meet them after ages the bond remains the same.

You don't meet them everyday or very often, probably that makes the relationship all the more special. You cherish all the moments you spend together, and value all the time you get with them.

Endless Sleepovers

Yes, you will always get permission for sleepovers with your cousins, because even your mom can enjoy long talks with your aunt. And your parents will only encourage your bonding with your cousins, so you will always get the permission to be with them.

You have watched each other grow.

You have seen all your cousins grow from clumsy, naughty kids to confident and successful grownups, of course, the naughtiness still remains! You have seen them transform, and they have seen you transform. You have had this amazing journey together, which will continue.
Sometimes your paths will be parallel, while sometimes concurrent, but you know your cousins will be there, always.

They have seen you win and lose.

They are a part of your life, the highs as well as the lows. They have seen you struggle like hell, and they have seen you reach the pinnacle of success. They have mourned with you, they've celebrated with you.

Even your children will grow together.

Just the way you enjoyed being with each other as kids, and now as adults, your children will get the best cousins as well. Yup, you have already planned all that!

They will always be there with you.

Your friends may not have time for you, but your cousins will always be there for you. You just simply know it. Some bonds are eternal, their roots are so strong, the love and trust simply grows with time. Yup, that's how it is and will be with your cousins.