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Ten Things Adults Should Learn from Kids

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
All of us have often engaged in childish behavior, but how often do we actually behave like a child, and learn to live and love life to the fullest. As adults, we possess all the intelligence and maturity, but somehow happiness still sits far away from us.
I am no expert on human psyche, but I do know that you don't need to attend a workshop to make your life better. So let's simplify life and learn some of its important lessons, through kids.

So True

A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires. ~ Paulo Coelho
Almost every adult wishes to be a kid again. Most of us still think, 'I would give anything to be young again'. If only kids could fathom what adulthood felt like, they wouldn't be in a hurry to grow up.
It isn't possible to reverse time, but we can definitely learn and even incorporate a little bit of childhood in ourselves, so that even we can be as cheerful and curious about everything as kids are.
On the other hand, this doesn't mean that we literally start behaving like little children, instead understand their way of life as a personal growth exercise. Kids can teach adults a lot about handling work and life positively. 
If you have any doubts, just watch a group of kids interacting with each other and trying to understand everything that is around them. You would be surprised how much you could learn about life from them. So without further ado, here are some important things adults can learn from children.

Show Love

This is perhaps the easiest emotion for kids to show, and the most difficult for adults to feel. Kids are surrounded with so much love that they keep sharing it. Every action they do for parents, friends, pets, and people they like, is filled with love. They don't think twice before loving, they just love.
Adults learn this: The best way to receive love is to first give it. We live in a cynical world, and have cultivated the habit of questioning everything. We often try too hard with love, and associate it with weakness. The only way to experience love is to have minimal expectations, and love your dear ones unconditionally.

Nothing is Impossible

It is in a child's nature to be curious, and it is this curiosity that leads them to do creative things. They don't search for big inspirations or ideas to do something meaningful. They always start with little things, and try to explore limitless possibilities. This curiosity can be extremely helpful in achieving great things.
Kids seek newness, their life is constantly evolving, and they are always looking for new information.
By being fearless and having an undying appetite for knowledge, an individual can succeed in every task he or she undertakes. All of us encounter failures at some point of time, but not giving up on oneself is probably the best way to survive in this competitive world, and gradually we do realize that nothing is impossible.

Try New Things

Kids live with an open mind. They are always ready to learn, see and accept new changes. They always make their judgments based on first-hand experiences, and not through external influences and opinions. Hence, they are always ready to try something new, and even if something doesn't work out in their favor, they don't spend much time worrying about it.

As people grow up, they do get used to a routine, and gradually become a creature of habit. All of us become so comfortable in our surroundings, that we shy away from anything that is unfamiliar. Slowly, we get accustomed to normality, and in doing so, miss out on great adventures that life has to offer.

Never Hide Emotions

This is something that all adults need to understand. Kids cry when they hurt themselves, express displeasure when things don't go their way or when they have been told off. They are not afraid to shed tears and also move on in life. Putting it simply, they aren't afraid to display their emotions when they are unhappy or in pain.
On the contrary, we adults always try to hide our feelings, and never express ourselves sincerely. We often feel happy for others with negative thoughts in our heart. Crying or expressing oneself is what normal people do. Never hold back tears or happiness. 
If you want to cry, then cry your eyes out, and if you are happy or pleased about something, don't be afraid to show or share it.

Try to Be Honest

Kids have the habit of saying the darnedest things, but they always say what they feel. Honesty is an important aspect of their character, and if they feel strongly about something, you can expect an honest yet innocent reaction from them. Their honest questions and answers are not intended to disrespect anyone.
They just want to know certain things, and are quite open about it.
For most adults, honesty is synonymous to suicide. We are afraid to be honest to our loved ones, and ultimately we tend to become dishonest to ourselves too. Being honest doesn't mean releasing the built-up frustrations whenever you feel like. It is more concerned with saying the truth when it is absolutely necessary.

Laugh a Lot

Do you know that an average kid laughs about 300 times a day, as compared to only 7 to 8 laughs for an adult. Children laugh whenever and however they want. They don't reserve their laughter stock for a huge amusing event, they laugh when they feel like laughing.
They are positive about everything in life, and this amazing thought process keeps them smiling all day.

As we age, we start becoming more and more conscious of our appearance and how we act in front of people. We also try to set high standards when it comes to humor, and try to rate every funny instance with a self-protection radar. Stop! Don't be like this, and laugh when you want to. 
Try to see the funny side of life, and laugh wholeheartedly, it is good for the heart.

Live the Moment

Kids live in the present, and give 100% to any task that they are doing. It doesn't matter if they are playing or working on something, they are mentally and physically inclined towards the task. They never worry about the future, and since they are so busy enjoying their present, life is great today, and this is as good as it gets.
With a job, money, and relationships, it does get hard for an adult to enjoy life, and there are times when life is just not going the way we imagined it to be. The best thing to do here is to change oneself, and if that isn't possible, we can definitely change our approach towards life. 
Live like a child, and don't bother about the future, it isn't in your control. The only thing you can control is your present, so work hard towards it.

Make New Friends

Kids make friends in a jiffy. Little kids playing in a park often get approached by other kids, and soon they become the best of friends. They don't think twice before striking up a friendship, and in most cases, they aren't even familiar with each others names.
This is something that all of us should definitely learn. We do think a lot when it comes to accepting anyone in our social or friend circle. Such insecurities often become a barrier in relationships, and doesn't allow two people to connect. 
By doubting people, we are just preventing ourselves from meeting others, and often end up repeating the same behavior with everyone else.

Curiosity is Essential

Curiosity does kill the cat, but kids don't live by this principle. They are curious little beings, who always try to understand their surroundings by completely immersing themselves in every task they undertake. They have a huge appetite for knowledge, and ask infinite questions everyday.
This curious nature guides their life, and often leads them to simple yet brilliant discoveries.
Are adults as curious as kids? Well, majority of us aren't. Also, they no longer have the thirst for knowledge, and don't even ask questions if they don't understand something. Adults often forget that it isn't talent or skill but our relentless curiosity and a huge appetite for knowledge that makes us worthy.

Play More

As kids treat everyone equally, they make friends soon and also play a lot with them. Through playing, they make a lot of astonishing discoveries about their friends and surroundings. They also learn a lot about life, because they are out in the open and are playing with all their heart.
So how long has it been since you've played outdoors just for fun? Not some serious sporting event or activity, just kicking some ball, running in the park, or any other silly game! Playing doesn't mean that you have to achieve a purpose, sometimes, it is healthy to just have some fun.
In the end, I leave you with some golden words said by the famous English biologist, Thomas Huxley - "Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every conceived notion, follow humbly wherever and whatever abysses nature leads, or you will learn nothing."