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The Smartest Way to Teach Kids Today Is Homeschooling

Thomas Wright Jul 20, 2019
Education is one of the greatest legacies parents can give to their children. Choosing where to send kids for education is a big decision every parent has to make. While a public or private school is the ideal choice, it may not always be the case. The latest educational approach today is homeschooling.
The concept of homeschooling started in the 1980s and 90s as a way for Catholic parents to send their kids to school. However, there are several factors to decide if your child is fit for homeschooling.
There are a few reasons which might lead you to consider websites like smile tutor as a good choice to give home tuition for your kids.

Academic Excellence

A study commissioned by Home School Legal Defense Association for 2007-2008, revealed that scores of homeschoolers were higher in all subjects by at least 34 percentile points and as high as 39 percentile points (source).
Another study conducted by Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute revealed that homeschoolers usually score 15 to 30 percentile better than public school students on most standardized tests. The study concluded that these results are regardless of income level of the parents.

Social Skills

Research has revealed that homeschooled students show great socializing skills than public schoolers. There is a misconception that kids who are homeschooled are poor in socializing. However, this is not true. Infact, homeschooled kids have more chances for social interaction outside classroom.
However, supporters of traditional education argued that there are some negatives associated with homeschooling and some benefits of public or private schooling. However, the focus here is on the benefits of the former. So, let us study the advantages of homeschooling as a form of education.

Home-Schoolers Become Successful Adults

According to National Home Education Research Institute, homeschoolers kids become successful adults. They grow up to be active participants in the community and public service projects. However, the Coalition for Responsible Home Education warns that the kind of homeschooling provided to the kid is also crucial.

Kids Learn More About Things They Care About

Homeschool programs do not follow a formal curriculum which gives opportunities to learn different topics that might be offered in high school or college. In today’s homeschool programs, most parents rely on online learning platforms. Most of the programs have English, Mathematics, and History but it is not limited to these subjects.

More Opportunities for Achievement

As per research, homeschooled children perform better in standardized tests. They also tend to stick longer in college. A 2009-study revealed that 67% homeschooled students graduate from college as opposed to a 59% public school students.
One of the most influential examples of a homeschooled student is Elon Musk. Considered as one of the most brilliant innovators, the founder of SpaceX, PayPal, and Tesla is homeschooling his kids. The truth is: he is also unschooling them.

Unschooling means providing the kids complete, self-directed education, at home itself.