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12 Things All Daddy's Girls Can Relate To

Amita Ray
Daddy has always selflessly been there for you, right from changing your diapers to teaching you to drive, your father has taught you everything.

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The bond that fathers share with their daughters is simply precious. Here are a few great things about dads that every daddy's girl can relate to.
"Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad."
― Anne Geddes

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They say a mother's love is the purest of them all, but I believe that a father too loves his daughter/s no less. They're our heroes, knights in shining armor who protect us from everything bad in this world.
Our mommy gives birth to us and caters to all our needs, but the only reason we enjoy our carefree childhood is because of our doting father.
Even as a young girl, I sleep better at night for I know I have my dad. A bond a girl shares with her dad can't be described in words. Simply put, he'll always be the most special man in her life, and she'll always be his little darling.
Here are some things that will put a smile on the faces of all the daddies and their little girls!
No guy will ever be as good as your daddy.

It doesn't matter if he's an astronaut or rock star or both, no one, ever, will even come close to being as great as your dad. To put it simply, he's superman and you know it.
There's nothing that he can't do! He'll pamper, spoil, and never hurt you, and wants nothing in return. Buy him a pair of socks only and it becomes his prized possession! Also there are things you'd only share with him.
Daddy's opinion is everything.
His opinion means everything because  he knows best. If he says something is wrong, you know it's wrong! That's why only the best guy you date will meet your dad and will also have to face his wrath.
You still wear daddy's old clothes.
Even a cashmere sweater would not match the warmth of his old shirt you brought along when you left home. You wear it on a bad day, sit with ice cream and call him, hear his voice, and he knows how to make you feel better.
He will always be there for you no matter what!
No matter how old you are, you know daddy will protect you. He'll fight the world to make sure not even the slightest harm may come upon you. If he could, he'd shield you from all pain and anxiety till he lives.
Yup, that's true! Sometimes, you don't need words, you glance at each other and just burst out laughing. You've shared all your lives together, experienced or at least heard of each other's hilarious moments.
You have a lot of inside jokes.
You two share (almost) the same outlook on life and have the same sense of humor. No wonder, all it takes is a moment for your daddy to make you laugh!
The hardest thing to do would be let go of his hand.
He's taught you everything, right from riding a bicycle to driving a car, to teaching you what selfless love truly means.
A friend who has always been around, with whom you've shared all your moments some good and a lot of the bad ones, one who has supported you and protected you, how do you say goodbye to that person?
The truth is you never do, you'll always be a part of him, and he'll always be a part of you, no matter what; there's simply no goodbye!
The moment when he gives you away.
When you finally find someone who comes remotely close to being as great as your daddy and the time comes that he has to give you away, know that he's giving away the most precious piece of his heart.
It's partly killing him to give you to another man; at the same time, he's happy to see his little baby girl all grown up. But silly daddy, don't you know, we'll always remain your little baby girl!
He has a nickname for you that only he is allowed to call you.
Yes, my dad has one for me and nobody else is allowed to call me that! OK, I'll admit, the nickname is embarrassing, but I  like it!
He's your pillar of strength
Bad days, worst days, he'll always be there for you. His soothing words of encouragement with a touch of humor has always made you feel all better, almost instantly.
No matter what you choose for yourself and even if he disagrees, he's trusted your instinct and stood behind you. And if ever there came a time where you failed, he has picked you up and made you trust in yourself again.
If there's anything you wanted, he made sure you got it! You're daddy's little princess and you know it. He can never ever see you sad.
Your dad can never say no!
You know he can never resist those cute big eyes and that sad little pout of yours, and you've used it a few times too many to your advantage than you'd like to admit.
You've always wanted to be like him.
Your daddy is superman! There's nothing that he can't do or he always knows what to do. Accomplished and humble as ever, he inspires you. You dream that someday you'll be as great as he is.
He's told the same old stories a few million times.
Yes, you've heard the same old stories throughout your childhood and loved it very much.
Even as an adult, these stories ever lost their charm! Taking you back to your childhood every single time!
You hope that someday, it will be you and your kids who will listen to these stories that your dad manages to tell pretty well.
If you could totally relate to most of the points, then my friend it is a sign that you're adored and cherished by your father, a true blue daddy's girl!
Daddy's Princess